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The reason I would use this theory is because it would enable me to understand Roy’s thoughts and how they influence his behavior (Cherry, 2015). I would also be able to…
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CASE STUDY Case study Based on Roy’s case, the therapeutic theory that I would use to help him is the psychoanalytic theory. The reason I would use this theory is because it would enable me to understand Roy’s thoughts and how they influence his behavior (Cherry, 2015). I would also be able to understand how his past experiences have influenced his current behavior. The approach would further enable Roy to share his experiences without fear of being judged.
There are things I would want to do with Roy to make him feel better. They include helping him to improve his self-esteem, helping him to develop a purpose in life and assisting him develop sustainable relationships with the people around him. ’Better’ would mean that Roy would establish a good relationship with his wife, he would stop being emotional at the thought of his parents, he would be able to socialize and make more friends. He would also take his illness positively and put more effort towards his recovery.
As a therapist, the first issue I would have working with Roy is his lack of courage to face problems. For example, he is unable to confront directly his wife and ask her about her extramarital affair. His childlike way of referring to things would also be an issue. Similarly, the fact that he makes babyish comments would be an issue. In regard to this, Roy would trigger a feeling of dissatisfaction in me that would make it hard to work with him. His childlike behavior would make me feel as though I am not making any progress towards his recovery. As a learner, the information addressed in this paper applies to me in the sense that it provides me with insight into real life situations. What stands out is the information’s applicability to various therapeutic theories and approaches.
Cherry, K. (2015). What Is Psychoanalytic Therapy? Retrieved from Read More
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