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How to Motivate Student - Essay Example

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While it is true that students need to be able to intrinsically motivate themselves towards succeeding, both academically and personally, in life there is some truth to the reality that teachers and other concerned adults can have a great influence in this regard as well…
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How to Motivate Student
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Download file to see previous pages The reinforcement theory is designed to help analyze the behavior expressed by any one individual and determine how it is reflective of the consequences resulting from the behavior, be it positive or negative. The very nature of the reinforcement theory, then, is predicated on the notion of law and effect, whereby an individual that receives positive consequences after their behavior tends to repeat that same behavior, yet individuals you receive negative consequences work hard to not repeat that same behavior (Brown, 2015). At the same time, there are certain limitations to the reinforcement theory that must be taken into consideration as well, such as the reality that the theory itself overlooks the internal state of the individual in question. This includes the inner feelings and drives that individuals tend to have throughout their lives, yet these are overlooked by Skinners original theory and subsequent discussions. The theory itself is designed to focus upon what happens to a person when he or she undertakes a given action, so the external environment that exists should be designed in an effective and positive manner so that people are motivated to act (Brown, 2015). In today’s increasingly modern, global, and competitive atmosphere, this is most commonly reflected in a school’s ability to inspire and motive students to aspire towards academic excellence. As such, the reinforcement theory can certainly be seen to be an effective tool in terms of analyzing and controlling mechanisms that correspond to behaviors the individuals tend to exhibit in both their academic and personal lives. The theory does stop short, however, of explaining the exact causes related to an individual’s behavior, so this should be a subject of discussion as well.
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