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Motivation and success in learning - Research Paper Example

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Teaching strategies have to be redesigned and modified continuously to accommodate the changing needs of the factors influencing students’ psychology…
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Motivation and success in learning
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"Motivation and success in learning"

Download file to see previous pages For a teacher to create an environment of learning in the classroom that is more student-centered, it is imperative that the out-of-school practices of students are capitalized upon. An essential and common component of the practices out of school is the use of computers in some form. Not all schools provide students with equal access to computers or the Internet. In addition to that, many schools have taken long to capitalize on the computers’ use in order to engage the identities carried by the students outside the school and to improve the experiences of students’ learning. Some of the ways in which teachers can capitalize on the out of school activities of the students is to encourage them to prepare lessons from e-books that they can study on Kindle and Tablet. Students should be encouraged to use interactive media like Skype while doing the classroom tasks as a group when they have to be in different locations. Involving the use of computers in the educational setup is imperative in the present age because it makes the students feel empowered. Students tend to think that they are studying in an advanced system and hence do not underestimate the tendency of their educational institution to empower them to the extent where they can compete with others both academically and professionally on the global scale. Implications of the use of computers as a strategy to improve students’ motivation are increased need to monitor and supervise the students so that it can be ensured that students are making right use of the technological resources rather than using them for leisure or personal activities. Although the strategy of using computers to inculcate intrinsic motivation in the students is quite effective, yet it is important to consider the novelty of such activities of learning while planning for and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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