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This essay analyzes the ways on how to confront the sins during the counseling experience, the benefits of using silence in the confrontation of sin, the useful forms of confrontation and also talks about the human's capacity to transform the individual…
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Confronting Sin During A Counseling Experience
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Confronting sin during a counseling experience Confronting sin during a counseling experience Question It would not be appropriate for a sensitive Christian counselor to confront a counselee’s obvious sin in a quick and automatic manner. McMinn indicates that the original sin is the root of an individual’s being, which is an aspect that has an impact on the person’s relationship with God (McMinn, 2011). Consequently, confronting an individual’s sin does not address his or her behavior. A human being does not have the capacity to transform an individual since this is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit.
Counselors frequently overlook the benefits of using silence in the confrontation of sin. According to McMinn, silence is beneficial since it ensures that clients question their actions on their own and work towards changing (McMinn, 2011). Most of the counselors may not feel comfortable to use silence since they feel that they should say something as a way of assisting the client. However, a possible argument supporting the use of silence is that it might be what the counselee needs.
Question 2
A possibly useful form of confrontation that would work in Jean’s case would be the utilization of the pondering approach. This approach can assist Jean to uncover her emotions, connections, and find clarification about her sins. These considerations are necessary since Jean’s life, as a child, was not impressive. The abuse she went through as a child influenced her decision-making as a teenager as well as an adult. It would not be beneficial to point out her sins since it might restrain her from sharing her experiences, emotions, and feelings with the counselor.
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McMinn, M. R. (2011). Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling (Rev. ed.). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House. Read More
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