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The Experience in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “The Experience in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program” involves reflection of the author’s experience in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program. Being now at the graduation phase of his participation in it, he tells about his progress in the acquisition of knowledge…
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The Experience in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program
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Extract of sample "The Experience in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program"

Download file to see previous pages Actually, the latter has been extremely interesting and useful for me, since I have learned a great many new and extremely effective data from various subject areas within the material of the program. Besides, I have had a great opportunity to learned certain mechanisms and schemes in their action while practicing. Frankly speaking, knowledge from any branch of learning is beneficial for me as a future professional, but still, my personal feeling is that psychology has the greatest power for educational counseling. In fact, this science has conquered my mind due to its specific approaches, laws, and tools able to assist people in a very active way. This understanding has penetrated into my conscious to the extent that my plans for the future work as an educational counselor are prevailed with intentions to be guided by psychology as a primary and main principle of cooperation with students, their parents and instructors. So, this is my first disposition that has been opened through participation in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program.
Whereas one compares current me with that person (another me) prior to the program, the difference is impressive. I don’t want to display but the changes are notable. The thing is that I have turned into a personality with a good bundle of knowledge and skills from a person with poor experience even in communication with other people. Definitely, I can’t say that I have been nothing before the program. Naturally, I have had some basics resulted from my educational background. But intensive learning in the Educational Counseling Preparation Program has upgraded my level in a great measure. Furthermore, it has continued the process of my self-improvement. In particular, my experience has aided me in the attainment of self-belief. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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