Encouraging Human Relations - Case Study Example

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From this paper, it is clear that a difference of opinion that causes disagreements and conflicts is a controversial issue. Dealing with controversial issues can be particularly emotional if the issue relates to values, beliefs, and ethical concerns…
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Encouraging Human Relations
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Encouraging Human Relations
Case study 1
1. What is the best way to get people to communicate about controversial issues relating to schooling?
A difference of opinion that causes disagreements and conflicts is a controversial issue. Dealing with controversial issues can be particularly emotional if the issue relates to values, beliefs and ethical concerns ('Dealing with Controversial Issues', n.d.).The important thing is to not ignore the issue. Ignoring will only make the parties angrier and come forth even more forcefully, making things very difficult to deal with later on. The best way to handle controversies in schools by parents, perhaps, is to arrange a town hall type meeting. As opposed to a debate, this structure will be less violent. Handing a mic to representatives of different groups and having the institutional leaders address their concerns then and there might prove to be healthier. Having all the parties in one place will also solve any conflicting issues within themselves.
2. Outline a plan of attack for developing this procedure.
For addressing this issue, two meetings should be arranged.
(i) A meeting for faculty members only.
This meeting should revolve around educating and preparing the school faculty for the meeting to be held with the parents. The nature of the conflict and possible implications should be clarified. The members, especially the heads whose presence will be necessary at the meeting with parents, must be advised to stay calm and sensitive to the community. They must also remain neutral so as to avoid further conflicts. In addition, special care must be taken while taking a decision after the meeting about the possible implications of a negative decision on the school reputation.
(ii) A town hall style meeting with parents
Parents should be sent a letter informing them of the venue and other details. Also, a friendly tone should be kept and it must be ensured that refreshments are provided to maintain an informal atmosphere.After hearing everyone’s views, the institutional leaders should take a decision that does not personally affect a particular group and keep all parties as satisfied as possible.
Case study 2
1. What are some of the more common snubs that men give women supervisors in a school setting? Members of minority groups such as black?
Men passing comments and giving snubs to women supervisors may include ignoring their importance at all. They may not pay attention to the supervisor’s advice and/or orders just because they hold a perception that women are incapable of doing such jobs. In addition, they may ignore the worker’s views and not include her in discussions, as mentioned in the case. If the supervisor is black or belongs to another minority group, she may face insulting comments and targeted jokes.
2. How might a woman supervisor in a school setting bring this behavior to the attention of her male counterparts in a meaningful way?
In circumstances like the one described in the case, it is important to first try and deal with the situation within the organization. The female supervisor must go to her reporting figure, such as the superintendent described in the case. If it is a male, he may react in two ways. He may be concerned for her wellbeing and try to help her. On the other hand, he may ignore her concern and defend the male workers, being just as ignorant as them. If so, she should report her concerns to some other personnel, such as the principal and also gather evidence to make her argument stronger. If all else fails and the matter becomes too disturbing, she has the option to seek help through court or respective government agencies.
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