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The stages of racial or ethnic diversity development portrayed by the characters - Essay Example

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In the video clip, there is substantial evidence revolving around ethnic background. Sociologists define ethnicity as a social categorization of people on the basis of language, nationality, religion, cultural…
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The stages of racial or ethnic diversity development portrayed by the characters
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Extract of sample "The stages of racial or ethnic diversity development portrayed by the characters"

Ethnic Diversity Human beings have divided themselves in terms of race and ethni In the video clip, there is substantial evidence revolving around ethnic background. Sociologists define ethnicity as a social categorization of people on the basis of language, nationality, religion, cultural beliefs, and history. Therefore ethnic diversity is accepting the mentioned differences and interacting on levels beyond any limiting factors. To achieve ethnic diversity, some stages must be followed. They are discussed below.
Stages in ethnic diversity
Acceptance. Characters in the video accept the positive ad negative stereotypes associated with their ethnic groups. Rather than resisting, characters go ahead to prove how they are as a result of two ethnic groups intermarrying. Least expected, ethnic diversity is handled best by people of different races, skin color and country origin intermarrying to bring long-lasting relations between those groups.
Redefinition. Characters explain their willingness to redefine themselves in ways that transcend negative perceptions that caused lots of hostility and overreaction among those groups. This is essential in helping other groups understand that the affiliation and negative association to some things does not incorporate everybody. It is very difficult facing such insults as some students confess because some of them have no clue of what it means because they were brought up in regions far away from where the culture happens or were raised by parents from different ethnic groups.
Building bridges. Parents have taken their children to schools where people from all walks of life converge to learn. This is an indicator that they are willing to help their children build bridges and connect with the rest of the world. From the video, students from different ethnic groups interact in class, social gatherings, and willingly participate in activities like an African playing football with A White.
Classification of people on the basis of skin color and language is not science as explained by Sociologists in the video. Therefore, everyone should look at their friend, neighbor, or any stranger as a human being who has the same functional capabilities instead of using ethnic orientation to define and segment them. This is termed as racial bias, which has no room in the 21st century.
Work cited
“Redefining Race and Ethnicity in the US.” YouTube. YouTube. 14 Mar 2011. Web. 19 April 2015. Read More
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(The Stages of Racial or Ethnic Diversity Development Portrayed by the Essay)
The Stages of Racial or Ethnic Diversity Development Portrayed by the Essay.
“The Stages of Racial or Ethnic Diversity Development Portrayed by the Essay”, n.d.
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