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Critically Examine Miri Song's Analysis of Ethnic Identities - Essay Example

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Critically Examine Miri Song’s Analysis of Ethnic Identities Name: Institution: Critically Examine Miri Song’s Analysis of Ethnic Identities Introduction Dr. Miri Song is a renowned sociology lecturer at the University of Kent in England. She authored the book ‘Choosing ethnic identity’ which was published in 2003 by Polity Press…
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Critically Examine Miri Songs Analysis of Ethnic Identities
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Download file to see previous pages He acknowledges that Miri Song has used a wide range of theoretical and empirical evidence from both the US and the UK to come up with this book. He further notes that the author has done an excellent job since new conceptual apparatus that can be used to evaluate inequality in different societies have been presented (Colombo, Domaneschi & Marchetti 2010). Another scholar who praises Miri Song’s ‘Choosing ethnic identity’ is Professor John Solomos, a Professor of sociology at London’s City University. He points out that the book is an authoritative and stimulating account of how ethnic identity has been changing. The Professor also notes that Miri Song drew much of the information found in the book from authoritative material from Britain and the United States (Alexander 2004). This gives the author the ability to show and ascertain that ethnic identity entails a complex set of social and political relations. Professor Solomos finally recommends that anyone who is concerned with the study of the formation of racial and ethnic identities must take into account Song’s book (Francis & Archer 2005). Paul Spickard from the University of California is of the opinion that Miri Song’s book asks very provocative questions about the nature of ethnic and racial relationships and identities in complex societies. He praises the book for its critical examination of the extent to which to which different people experience elements of ethnic choice. He finally recommends that all policy makers and scholars in the ethnic and racial field must read this book (Kao 2000). This paper will critically examine Miri Song’s book, ‘Choosing ethnic identity’ with the aim of exploring and discussing the main themes of ethnic identities in contemporary multiethnic societies (Colombo, Domaneschi & Marchetti 2010, 56). The book, ‘Choosing ethnic identity’ explores the various ways in which different people go about choosing their ethnic identities, especially in contemporary multiethnic societies (Pilkington 2003). The book delves deeper into the different ways in which people from ethnic minority groups choose their ethnic identities among the various multiethnic groups in contemporary societies (Koser 2007, 94). The book questions the thesis that people who are not white do not have any ethnic options. The book brings to light the fact that it has often been assumed that non-white people do not have any options when it comes to ethnicity (Kao 2000). A variety of groups in the United States and Britain that have been discussed in the book have always had a lot of constraint that have surrounded their assertion of ethnic identities (Francis & Archer 2005). The book discusses the dynamics and constraints that have surrounded these assertions (Song 2003). ‘Choosing ethnic identity’ has eight chapters that are organized in a logical sequence. According to the author, the concept of ethnic identity has always received a lot of attention and is in wide usage in many societies today (Francis & Archer 2005, 83). The author focused on two major contemporary multiethnic societies, the United States of America and Britain. The author acknowledges that is it important to people and their sense of themselves to have the ability to understand and choose their ethnic identities in society. Different notions such as adopting an identity show that individuals have a choice of choosing their et ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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