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Amazon Company is an American online seller that predominantly sells products over its online marketplace and offers various other products and services through its branches. sells in 11 republics and ships worldwide. It among the leading merchants and is steadily…
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Research Lab
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Loud thinking test Loud thinking Test Amazon Company is an American online seller that predominantly sells products over its online marketplace and offers various other products and services through its branches. sells in 11 republics and ships worldwide. It among the leading merchants and is steadily growing every time. According to its motto, it seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: shoppers, vendors, enterprises, and content initiators.
Each of the user goals is to get their products online, high-quality products and efficient product chain supply and logistics. (Oczkus, 2009)
In this think-aloud test, I will need three users of Amazon Company. The aim of my test will be to find out on the SWOT analysis of the company. In so doing, I will ask prompting questions that would make each one of them to think allowed without realizing. For instance I will prompt the first user with a question such as I am not really interested in how Amazon Company has been profitable for the past years but what about the challenges that it is apparently facing? Secondly, I will ask, what are the prospects of Amazon Company? Lastly, I will ask on how the company is manned, rather the transaction strategies and planning.
The three questions will help me get the answers from the loud test because the questions will not be direct but will prompt the respondents to thinks allowed in a way to find answers to what I directly asked and in the process providing me with intended answers to my questions. The test enabled the users to outline the SWOT analysis of Amazon Company by stating that The Company is currently progressively cashing in on its credentials as an online selling forerunner by selling its proficiency to major store groups. There are also prospects for Amazon to form collaborations with the public sector. On threats, since Amazon sells similar. Merchandises as high street retailers and other online businesses, it may become more problematic to differentiate the brand from its rivals. Amazon does have its trademark. On the strength, it was one of the initially enlightened, and over the past years, the firm has made a customer base of about 30 million individuals. It was an early utilize of online technologies for e-trade, which made it one of the first online retailers. The weak point of Amazon was that shipping costs could be up to $500m, and such a high figure would certainly erode profits of Amazon Company. Therefore, it is a great time foe the company to reconsider its strategy of offering free shipping to clients (Berry and Broadbent, 1990)
The test was helpful in my research because of the following reasons: Cheap, I did not require any special or rather expensive equipment. I only used a pen and a piece of paper to note down some important information as the users talking. I also took just a day to complete my study. Hence, it was time economical. Secondly, robust; my think-aloud test research assistants and respondents were poor facilitators and therefore using prompting questions was quite comfortable in my study. Lastly, Convincing; this is because the users are unaware of what exactly the interviewer needs, so they think aloud correctly and convincingly to provide answers to the directly asked questions when actually the required information I revealed in the course of the interaction to find the other unrequired information. This technique is convincing since it ends to eliminate biases and exaggerations in data collection in research studies. Foe his case, I used the .three prompting question to arrive at the SWOT analysis of Amazon company.
Berry, D. C., and Broadbent, D. E.  (1990). The role of instruction and verbalization in improving performance on complex search tasks.  Behavior & Information Technology. New York: Heinemann
Lewis, J. R. (2006). Usability testing. In G. Salvendy (ed.), Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics (pp. 1275-1316). New York: John Wiley.
Oczkus, L. (2009). Interactive Think-Aloud Lessons: 25 Surefire Ways to Engage Students and Improve Comprehension. Maryland: Scholastic Teaching Resources Read More
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