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Organizational Analysis: Amazon - Essay Example

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ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS [Your name goes here] [Your university’s name] [Due date of the paper] Organizational Analysis The company which I have selected for analysis is Amazon. Amazon is one of the leading multinational electronic commerce companies of the world…
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Organizational Analysis: Amazon
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Download file to see previous pages Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, established the company in 1994. Amazon started its services as an online bookstore, but with the passage of time, it started selling a diverse range of products, which included electronic products, wooden furniture, and many other products. Amazon S3, SimpleDB, Amazon EC2, Alexa Internet, Amazon Studios, Amazon Web Services, and A2Z Development are some of the products, which have contributed significantly to the success of the company. Amazon has a number of competitors. Some of the main competitors of Amazon include eMusic, Elastra, and One of the main differences between Amazon and its competitors is that Amazon deals with a diverse range of products, whereas its competitors deal with a small range of products. It is due to the implementation of an efficient management information system that Amazon has been able to achieve market domination in a short span of time. As Treanor (2010) states, “Amazon has a demonstrated history of consistent behavior since their startup in 1995.” If we talk about the customers or clients of Amazon, we can say that Amazon holds a large number of customers all over the world. Amazon is a retailing company, which provides people with their desired products at their doorsteps. People like to explore the websites of such companies, which facilitate people in buying different kinds of products. Amazon has a large number of customers who prefer to use its cloud computing and web hosting services. Some of those customers include pharmaceutical companies, banks, financial organizations, telecommunication companies, and educational organizations. Apart from these customers, there are also some other customers who want to run their data through hosted services. Such customers also make use of Amazon’s cloud computing services to run their data online in a secure manner. As Kambil (2009) states, “cloud computing promises to provide various information services at a lower cost and change the model of capitalizing IT investment for software entrepreneurs and businesses.” Some people also make use of S3 and EC2 to host their domains and blogs. Other than such customers, there are a number of customers of Amazon, who buy electronic products and furniture using the services of The system at work at Amazon is a closed system. A closed system is one that does not allow users to change any program or function. In a closed system, users can use only the content without being able to make any changes to the system. Amazon Company facilitates its users by providing them with their desired products but limits them from making any change in the system. Users can use cloud-computing services of Amazon to run their business operations but cannot alter the working of the system. Users have to pay to the company for using its web hosting or cloud-computing services. In an open system, users can make changes in the system as per their requirements. However, Amazon uses a closed system that does not allow users to modify the system. Amazon provides high quality services to the users but maintains the right to keep the system intact. If we talk about the rules and norms of Amazon retailing company, we can say that Amazon strictly adheres to its rules and norms. Amazon does not allow any employee or user to modify any aspect of its online system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Analysis: Amazon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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