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The paper “The Concept of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)” will adequately illustrate behaviors, describe the contexts that predict the occurrence of the behavior, and describe the consequences which maintain the illustrated behavior…
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The Concept of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
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The Concept of Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
1. The PBS concept that has captured adequate attention is the functional behavior assessments. The assessments adequately illustrate behaviors, describe the contexts that predict the occurrence of the behavior, and describe the consequences which maintain the illustrated behavior. The assessment summarizes the behavior hypothesis, observe behavior and finally use data to generate a baseline for analysis.
2. Implementing BPS involves several challenges. In order to realize reduction in the undesired behavior, PBS techniques must adequately address effectiveness, feasibility and desirability. The three issues must be adequately addressed for the successful realization of the building. Effectiveness illustrates the ability to realize the building goals. Thus, adequate levels of effectiveness must be ensured.
3. Training video can be appropriately used to illustrate PBS in the elementary school setting. This is because the training videos provide adequate knowledge on the three aspects of deficit skills. The skills are; self management, social and communication skills. The training videos aim at improving competencies in the three skills.
4. The main role of the administrator in the implementation of PBS entails provision of adequate resources. Adequate teachers are required to oversee effective implementation of the PBS. The teachers are needed in providing direction, by formulating the key goals of the program. The implementation process also requires financial resources. The administrator engages in budgeting, to ensure wise usage of money in the PBS project.
5. Behavior is significant in the achievement of goals. Positive behavior adequately enables students to pursue education excellence. Thus, students with disabilities should be adequately trained on appropriate approaches of enhancing their behavior, so as to realize positive education outcomes.
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