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Does our education system suppress children natural talent - Term Paper Example

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The information involved in education is passed from a generation to another through storytelling, teaching, discussion, research, or training. An education is a system that falls…
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Does our education system suppress children natural talent
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Download file to see previous pages Talented students are referred to as those children with a number of abilities that are more developed to a significant level in comparison to their year group. In the modern world, many countries have embraced need to change their education systems and mold them towards the production of creative and competitive students in the job market (Carey, 2015).
All the stakeholders who assemble the education system have high expectations in the ability of education to prepare the young generation for the world of economic independence. The education system stakeholders aim at enabling the students to live and contribute constructively to any responsible community in the world. However, there exists a puzzle in selecting the key elements to incorporate in education to ensure that it models a generation that can live in a tolerant and a culturally diverse society (Abbott, 1997).
Academic students of the 21st-century have to acquire skills that are vital in carrying out daily activities. The author states that these skills are not merely obtained through sitting behind closed doors. These skills call for a high practice that can only be achieved through practicing in a professional setup. Her theory is enough proof to show that the current education systems kill the ability to perform activities in a more natural manner. What the young generation needs is to obtain experience in areas where they believe they have talents (Carey, 2015).
Many individuals and organizations in the globe have noted that the current systems of education have failed to meet their expectations. The failure of the education system to enhance creativity in students has propagated stakeholders to work furiously in creating alternatives. To come to terms with this topic, interested parties have to understand that we are born with these natural abilities. The deep natural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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