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According to Pamela Hyde, one of the main contributors of the article, substance abuse reduces the productivity of American workers, and it affects their health and safety…
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News Reflection Paper Assignment
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News Reflection Paper Assignment Article Summary According to statistics in a recent study, nearly one in every ten full-time employees abuses a drug. According to Pamela Hyde, one of the main contributors of the article, substance abuse reduces the productivity of American workers, and it affects their health and safety negatively. The report shows that 9% of all workers aged between 18 and 64 are heavy drinkers. Workers in different industries showed different rates of substance abuse. The hotel industry recorded the highest percentage of drug abusers (19%) while public administrators recorded the lowest percentages of drug abusers (4%) (Preidt retrieved from
According to the article, every person in the community requires to participate in dealing with the problem of drug abuse. Employers should develop assistance programs for their employees which will be aimed at helping the employees reduce or quit substance abuse. This will have mutual benefit since the productivity of the workers will increase, and the employees’ health will not be at risk.
Thought/ reflection on the article
The working portion of the population is a vital group towards the well-being of the society. Any matters affecting this group should be treated with high consideration since it directly affects the country’s economy. A large percentage of the unemployed group depends on the employed for survival. Therefore, the well-being of the working population is important. Drug abuse reduces the productivity of the employees. Excessive abuse can also lead to death, and thus it exposes the country to the risk of shortage of trained labor.
The article addresses the issue in a straightforward manner. The arguments made are based on the statistics obtained from research. The article is aimed at sensitizing the working group against drug abuse. The writer of the article is trying to convince the target audience (the working portion of the society) to reduce drug abuse since it affects how well they perform their duties. The article is beneficial to employers since it provides a suggestion on how they can deal with the situation at an organizational level. Reduced drug abuse among the working portion of the society will benefit the whole country since productivity will increases, and thus the economy will improve.
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