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There are various socialization strategies especially for new employees. This includes the mentorship program. This involves the new employees being assigned to a more experienced…
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Socializing New Employees
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Socializing new employees Socializing new employees Socialization is an important aspect of employees to learn about the culture ofan organization. There are various socialization strategies especially for new employees. This includes the mentorship program. This involves the new employees being assigned to a more experienced employee in the organization (Bauer, Bodner, Erdogan, Truxillo & Tucker, 2007). Such a new employee could then have an individual to ask questions from, share their concerns, discuss a variety of issues or share a wide range of information. This socialization method could help the employees learn better about the culture of an organization by having someone to correct them in case they do anything wrong.
The second socialization strategy is the process of on-boarding. This could help the new employee to form their own organizational networks which strengthen their inclusion and belongingness in the organization (Bauer, Bodner, Erdogan, Truxillo & Tucker, 2007). The new hires become better oriented and effective in the organization by knowing the contact persons and who to go to incase they want some relevant information. These two strategies might improve the job attitude by making the new employees fell more motivated and appreciated. This makes them record better job performance from the start and they might turn out to be the best employees for the organization. In addition, employee feedback seeking behaviors might affect the socialization process. If the employees get positive feedback, then they might continue with the socialization process since they find out that it is leading them towards the right direction. However, negative feedback could make the employees discontinue with the socialization or change the socialization strategy altogether.
Bauer, T. N., Bodner, T., Erdogan, B., Truxillo, D.M. & Tucker, J.S. (2007). Newcommer adjustment during organizational socialization: A meta-analytic review of antecedents, outcomes and methods. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(3), 707721. Read More
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Socializing New Employees Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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