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Personal Views regarding Socializing with Superiors and with Subordinates - Essay Example

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There are some benefits for socializing with coworkers including getting more information about the company, expanding one’s network, augment teamwork, forming genuine friendships, and gaining personality insight (Rue et al, 2013). However, inability to make people decisions…
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Personal Views regarding Socializing with Superiors and with Subordinates
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Extract of sample "Personal Views regarding Socializing with Superiors and with Subordinates"

Socializing with superiors and subordinates Socializing with superiors and subordinates There are some benefits for socializing with coworkers including getting more information about the company, expanding one’s network, augment teamwork, forming genuine friendships, and gaining personality insight (Rue et al, 2013). However, inability to make people decisions and accurate evaluation based on merit and understanding of their abilities when there is a close relation between the superiors and subordinates. It results in a disappointment by the people under the superior due to some unfulfilled expectations or the feeling of disappointment when the superiors tries to please everyone through treating them equally making exceptions for others. This will translate to less efficiency by the superiors in running of the organization. This is evident where a subordinate to whom there is a close relationship with a superior cannot be terminated from employment, given a pay cut or reduced responsibilities for whatever reason, as this will negatively affect the social relationship (Rue et al, 2013).
The other disadvantage of subordinate-superior social relationship is that it results in a loss of respect for the manager, as they will treat each other as friends affecting the ability for quality job performance. Socializing will not allow for constructive judgment and performance appraisal that is required of each employee by the superiors leading to unfairness and injustice in job performance (Rue et al, 2013). However, there is a need for some social interaction between subordinates and superiors and between subordinates their selves. These include taking drinks together and parties but there has to be professionalism where the superior leaves first and the conversations based on non-work issues.
Subordinates can have social relationships at the work place as they have the same characteristics including having the same experience, same level of skills and education, and the performance of duties at the same level. These social relations aid in the development of teamwork, development of trust between employees, and the creation of a bond between the employees.
Rue, L. W., Ibrahim, N., & Byars, L. L. (2013). Supervision, key link to productivity. McGraw- Hill Education: New York. Read More
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Personal Views Regarding Socializing With Superiors and With Essay.
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