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The movie is based on the biographical sports concept. The movie explains a true story based on two baseball players who were discovered by JB Bernstein. The two players discovered by the named sport agent are; Rinku…
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Movie Project
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Download file to see previous pages The analysis is based on two critical areas for each character. Firstly, the Erickson psychological level of each character will be established. Secondly, the moral development level will be established as illustrated by the Kohlberg’s stages.
The psychosocial development stage of Erickson has eight steps. A human being should healthily move from the infancy stage up to the late adulthood stage. In every stage, the individual encounters and addresses challenges. Each stage improves on the successful achievement of the earlier stages (Wright, 2012). Bernstein is in the love development stage that involves intimacy vs. isolation. The love stage in a normal human being occurs between the ages of 20 and 39. The main virtue associated with the stage is love. Bernstein does not a family. The family is very important in showing love. The two Indian players enquire about the whereabouts of his family, immediately after entering his flashy house. Patel and Singh finds it very strange for a grown man who is rich, to live in a luxurious house alone. I order to realize lose, Bernstein resorts to string relationship with friends, and also looking for a partner. He develops strong social bond with the boys, and this is the reason why he even invites them to live with him in his house. Bernstein realized that the key do life happiness does not depend on wealth, but of filling the void in his life. Thus, he found a love relationship with Brenda, his neighbor. He further increased the friendship bond with the two Indian players.
Kohlberg’s moral development sages are broadly classified into three; pre-conventional, conventional and post conventional. The theory explains that moral reasoning has great influence over ethical behavior of individuals. The broad classifications are further divided into six levels. Bernstein is in the conventional stage of moral development. The stage three explains the interpersonal conformity to social norms and an appropriate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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