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Media Project - Movie Review Example

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Consuming Images part of the movie involves interviews by Moyers on communication experts about the truth and falsity through the power of visual images in…
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Media Project
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Extract of sample "Media Project"

Bill Moyers in this video examines how the attitudes, thoughts and ideas of the American public influence its culture. Consuming Images part of the movie involves interviews by Moyers on communication experts about the truth and falsity through the power of visual images in challenges of advertising. He shows how this notion of truth and falsity is derived from how people view the world and themselves. Certainly, from this video, the society basis their concerns of truth and falsity to its way of thinking. Ewen says that even in journalism the use of images follows the strategy of persuasion that is inherent. Primal kinds of feeling are direct to commercial purposes. Therefore, it’s very hard to find a society without the contemporary discourse in presenting the truth or lies. From the second question, it’s true that Mayors signifies images as the basis of thinking. In a way, images displace the palpable physical reality. Miller brings out the concept called double think. This implies to how media images are approached by the people. He means that people on one hand knows what they see which falsity or propaganda is of images advertising and is not true. One sees through the image and thinks that it does not affect them particularly but yet with another part of their mind, they buy into it blindly. In the third question, the status of the ideal in the contemporary society is finding solutions on how to move from its current state through their way of thinking. In the ideal society, the culture has been consumed by the propaganda in the western society. Lots of repeated images with the illiterate society has slowly integrated into the day to day lives of people and become part of their culture. This has affected the level of culture of people through the onslaught embedded in images. In the fourth question, myth in the postmodern society has grown its roots that involves with advanced market economies in entering into a new era. Through the images in the advertising economies, postmodernism have dominated especially in the western culture. Postmodernism has been felt throughout the world by the influence of economic cultural and political in western countries. Through the primal feeling, images have created the reality hence facilitating postmodernism, and this hinders the societies’ intellectual thinking. In question five, the postmodern society is democratic as the consumer can choose over a variety of goods but no specific people representing the citizens choosing for the society. The society is a permanent audience hence having the right to pick freely a product from the basket of endless images. Moyers asserts that the commercial is becoming the marketplace in the Communion Wafer. The anxieties of postmodernism might be affected by the destruction of the World Trade Centre. World Trade Centre increasingly provides link between the cultural self set back and the foundation of postmodernism. The contemporary cultural and political discourse is influenced by the World Trade Centre. Its destruction brings a new attitude and thinking to the society that will reaffirm and re-inscribe their cultural meaning. The site of the towers of World Trade Centre is a sensitive place ad should not be taken lately. The image portrayed through the location of the World Trade Centre brings into place the contemporary discourse of the society that its destruction will kill their anxiety to postmodernism.
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(Media Project Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Media Project Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Media Project Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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