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This essay outlines a scientific method in psychology. The scientific method is a uniform style of observing, collecting data, developing theories, making predictions and interpreting results. In psychology, researchers make certain observations in order to measure and describe behaviors…
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Scientific Method in Psychology
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This essay explores a subject of Scientific Method in Psychology. The scientific method requires that any hypothesis should be testable using methods such as experiments, case studies, naturalistic observations and survey. Psychology is a social science/soft science because it deals with the persuasions, feelings and behaviors of human beings. Human beings are not easily predictable but through scientific research, one can be able to foretell their behaviors. Research in psychology enables the psychologist to interact with the environment and gain the capacity to know how humans behave and think.
Research is crucial in psychology since it helps on categorization of psychological disorders. Through categorization of disorders, the psychologist will be able to understand the symptoms and impacts of certain disorders. It gives a deeper understanding of intimate relationships and how they affect and effect people in the society. Research enables the psychologist to explain complicated things such as how religion, peers, and families affect individuals and the society. Through research, psychologists can effectively develop treatment to meliorate the lives of individuals and groups in different ways. Scientific research in Psychological is important in the study of how external factors impact the mental health of human beings. Research helps in gaining knowledge on psychological disorders symptoms and characteristics. Through research, development of tests to measure psychological phenomenon becomes simplified. Read More
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Scientific Method in Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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