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This essay "Psychology as a Branch of Science" discusses meaning for psychology to be considered a branch of science, one must realize that scientific observation, analysis, and hypothesis must be included in such an answer. The essay analyses definitive means to determine science from something…
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Psychology as a Branch of Science
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 Likewise, if it is, as long as complete data sets, measurability, inference and hypotheses can be drawn, it is likely that the researcher is dealing with a form of science. However, the biggest obstacle to such measurability and data sets as a function of the field of psychology is the fact that such a great level of variance is oftentimes presented to the researcher.
As opposed to a more environmentally centric approach or a more individualist approach (theology/religion), psychology works to explain both the external and internal determinants of human thought and behavior. In this way, a more complete understanding of what gives way to action and the causation of a multitude of factors is understood. Furthermore, through incorporating scientific approaches, psychology has a distinct advantage over the use of less structured and/or reliable means of understanding such as a theological approach (Haig 2008).

Likewise, in the mind of this author, the practice and implementation of psychology should not be distinct from the other branches of science. Although its study deals with a divergent field of material, it is important that psychology work to minimize differences between itself and the other branches of scientific knowledge due to the fact that psychology actively employs the very same scientific methods as do the other forms of analysis and understanding of the other sciences. Likewise, with respect to the methodological approaches that should be employed, these will necessarily be based upon the particular field of specialty that is being analyzed and have a direct relation to what prior studies have concluded. Therefore, as long as the analysis is performed in a verifiable scientific and rigorous way, there is not one methodological approach that one can consider superior to another. Similarly, when a certain theory works to overstep the lines of the scientific method and relies on other forms of proof to determine its theoretical approach and hypothesis, such methods should be actively abandoned due to the fact that they have no bearing or relationship with the scholarly interpretation of prior work and understanding on the topic. Read More
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