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Review and critique of Is face processing species-specific during the first year of life - Essay Example

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Upon this idea a lot of spheres of human life are organized. But originally everything comes from human perception and its ability for adaptation. With…
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Review and critique of Is face processing species-specific during the first year of life
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Extract of sample "Review and critique of Is face processing species-specific during the first year of life"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore scientists logically suppose that this adaptation to the species-specific environment must have begun at one time. Oliver Pascalis, Michelle de Haan and Charles A. Nelson have studied the subject. Specifically they were focused on human ability to process faces.
Previously it was found that after 6-10-month from the birth human infants begin to narrow a sound perception. They determine the syllabic system and phonetics of native language among variety of other foreign languages and other sounds and therefore discriminate foreign speech. Then, during the first two years of life infants learn to talk native language (“Developmental milestone: Talking”, n.d.). Pascalis, Haan and Nelson proposed that language is not the only skill that develops in this way. From a general perception with aging and getting more experience other skills may be similarly specified. Particularly, this “perceptional narrow phenomenon” may also work for face processing. Nelson proposed that with a more human faces’ processing experience humans’ cortical specialization is going on, and individual becomes more sensitive to faces within his native specie and only increase this ability with age.
Studying on a subject in 2001Hann, Johnson, Maurer and Perrett have already found that infants form face prototypes by 3 month age (Pascalis, Haan and Nelson, 2002). Logically, and by the analogy of a language processing study, elder infants were studied in current research to confirm hypothesis about face processing narrowing in 9-month-old infants comparing to 6-month-old infants. Scientists also proposed that adults are much more anthropic orientated and have narrowed their face processing. Pascalis, Haan and Nelson hypnotized that only the youngest group of people (month-old infants) would demonstrate equal face recognition within native specie as well as within strange specie, while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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