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Human Sexuality: Natural Selection and how it influences sexual attraction - Term Paper Example

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Human sexuality and Natural selection Name Institution Introduction The evolution theory is one of the greatest scholarly revolutions of the history of man, drastically changing the perception the place of the world and its perception. It is from this theory that the process of natural selection emerged…
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Human Sexuality: Natural Selection and how it influences sexual attraction
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Extract of sample "Human Sexuality: Natural Selection and how it influences sexual attraction"

Download file to see previous pages His theory held that species change over a specific time and space. This reflected that species in the current world greatly differ from species that lived in the past. While population located in different geographic areas show only slight differences in behavior and form. Natural Selection Darwin’s theory of evolution also held that populations only divided into different species over time, but held a common ancestor. According to him, this explained the similarities in organisms that are placed under one classification. A further argument raised by Darwin is that changes in evolution are slow and gradual. He supported this with the argument that there has been long episodes of changes in organisms and that no one ever observed these changes take place. Darwin emphasized his theory of evolution using the process of natural selection. This process had four different components; inheritance, variation, differential reproduction and survival, and high population growth rate. According to him, organisms struggle for survival. This involves a struggle for the available resources. He however, felt that this struggle only favors individuals that portray certain variations at the expense of other organisms. Those traits that are advantageous are referred to as adaptations (Jordania, 2012). For natural selection to operate the organism must poses variations in heritage and should also show advantages in resource competition. Sexual Attraction and Natural Selection Scientists have argued that natural selection has, to some extent influenced what people find sexually attractive. It has been argued that sexual selection is a variation of natural selection. This reflects to that a single gender may prefer specific traits to be part of their mate. It is therefore obvious that individuals with those traits that are found to be attractive shall show a higher success in production, hence spread their genes through the entire population. Successful reproduction and copulation has been broadcast for a long time by humans. This process has constantly been researched and studied for millions of years to determine the psychological and physiological motivations behind sexual attraction and procreation. Darwin with his evolution theory natural selection and survival of species viewed reproduction and mating as being driven by forces that are biological (Jordania, 2012). For the survival of humans and ensuring that their genes live longer certain partners should be chosen based on genes and biological fitness. The human organism is also biologically driven in terms of mating and some sexual practices between them. It has also been argued that this controls much of what both women and men find attractive and could in most cases, override social and emotional desires. It has been argued that sexual selection is a variation of natural selection (Pollack, 2000). This reflects to that a single gender may prefer specific traits to be part of their mate. It is therefore obvious that individuals with those traits that are found to be attractive shall show a higher success in production, hence spread their genes through the entire population. Characteristics Viewed as Attractive and Natural Selection The fact that sexual selection is a variation of natural selection explains, to some extent, how natural selection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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