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Evolution and Human Nature - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "Evolution and Human Nature" describes various similarities between human beings and chimpanzees such as their family organization and behavior. Humans have developed in terms of morality, sexuality, and family making them different from the other primates…
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Evolution and Human Nature
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Extract of sample "Evolution and Human Nature"

Download file to see previous pages Human nature can be difficult to understand alone without the rest of nature although many people have not accepted evolution due to the argument that human beings originate from the monkey family. The idea that humans are animals both body and mind may be difficult for many to understand and accept. The conviction is that human beings are the most intelligent creatures in the world because of the things they do such as making tools, learning, have culture, and have self-awareness. Human intellect is superior to that of the chimpanzees, but they also behave more or less like human beings as argued by Wright (1994). The chimpanzees, according to studies strive for power, look for affection and security, enjoy sex, cooperate, and fight for power just like human beings. Human beings may use cell phones, drive vehicles, or fly an airplane, but the fact is that their psychological make-up is that of a social primate.
Human nature and behavior can only be understood by evolution although many people will not like to associate themselves with the other primates (Wright, 1994). Just like human beings, other primates live in organized groups with rules and inhibitions and assist one another. There is a pillar of morality in their character and behavior in all primates. Humans will always offer a helping hand to the ape family and feel pain whenever they are wounded showing a connection between the two creatures. Similarly, other primates like the apes and chimpanzees offer empathy to each other just like the humans. Some experiments have shown that chimpanzees open doors for their companions and share food. The animals in the ape family offer help to others the same way humans do to one another indicating major similarities between human beings and the other primates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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