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Evidence For Hominid Evolution - Essay Example

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Over thousands of generations, one form of life has evolved to another kind of life. The earliest hominids are dated five and two million years ago with…
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Evidence For Hominid Evolution
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Evidence For Hominid Evolution

Download file to see previous pages... This was the probable lifestyle of early man. Scientifically, nearly 98% of human genes and chimpanzees are identical showing the biological closeness to humans. The cardinal difference between the two is the human brain size that is larger and complex. This makes man to communicate through speech, walk upright among others (Ruse, p.23).
About five million years ago, australopithecines evolved from the apes. It had small canine and was bipedal. This was the earliest human species. There were two major australopithecine groups; robust and gracile. The main difference was the jaw and teeth size. From australopithecine, the next probable evolution was the Homo habilis. This represented the modern man and Louis and Mary Leaky in Tanzania found the evidence. The primate was bipedal, upright and would use forearm to handle tools and weapons. It had increased brain size than the former and climbed ability suppressed. They had opposable thumbs (Ruse, p.43).
From the Homo habilis, there came the Homo ergaster that led to Homo erectus. This then led to Homo sapiens. The changes in the humans also showed changes in other primates such as the Chimpanzee. However the primary characters of the family bond, use of hand remained. The Chimpanzees just like humans are in the ape family. The differences in brain size, fur and eyes demonstrate the evolution that has occurred. Many similarities point to a similar origin. The similarities include the family bonding, the use of facial gestures such as surprise and comfort, omnivorous in nature, bipedal (Ruse, p.69).
Neolithic revolution lead to a widespread change in human lifestyle from the era of hunting and gathering to agriculture and settlement era. This enabled the humans support the fast growing population. This Neolithic revolution has led to improved health and longevity as well as morbidity. With Neolithic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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