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Origins of hominid bipedalism - Essay Example

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Most terrestrial mammals use four limbs for locomotive a purpose that is they are quadrepedal humans and other great apes (though circumstantially) use their limbs to locomotive purposes. There are numerous hypothesis developed by anthropologists trying to reconnect this…
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Origins of hominid bipedalism
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Origins of hominid bipedalism

Download file to see previous pages... The other great apes for example chimpanzees do not have a straight gait and human straight gait is much more efficient than their bipedalism and quadrapedalism. Fossil evidence of hominid ancestor’s bipedalism is constructed to imply that it existed about 3.5 million years ago. This essays objective is therefore aimed at looking at two distinct hypotheses that attempt to provide explanations to the origins of hominid bipedalism.
The first hypothesis (from empirical evidence) to propose is that bipedalism evolved because of energetic efficiency needed by the hominid for travel and that the need was key to the origin of bipedalism. To accept the hypothesis above, first the comparisons should be made at constant speeds of travel and given that bipedal hominids descended from quadrapedal hominids the comparison should be between bipedal hominids and quadrapedal hominids. Rodman and McHenry( 104) observed that male chimpanzees traveled a median speed traveled a median speed of 3.8, 4.2 and 6.4 km each day in three different seasons and took 59 minutes, 105 minutes, and 148 minutes respectively to travel those distances. On average, the male chimpanzees travelled at a speed of 2.9 kilometers per hour, a normal human being walks at an average speed of 4.5 kilometers per hour. Modern hominids through adaptive features evolved bipedalistic tendencies to suit their current environment this explanation is provided without reference to any empirical observation. The result show that there was no energetic difference separating hominid quadrapedal adaptation from hominid bipedalism. It is widely accepted that bipedalism arose because the hominid ancestors moved from living less on the trees to be more comfortable on the ground this was because of hominid dietary divergence (Lewin 113).
The Lovejoy hypothesis postulates that the primates underwent evolution to achieve reproductive success through reduced parental care, pregnancy and maturation period. As the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Archaeology Research paper, on the evolution, origin of bipedality, and the different perspectives on it
The use of bipedality is one of the alternatives which have evolved through time among homo sapiens. This is directly attributed to not only needs for maneuvering and basic functions. Many theories also show that bipedality is related directly to the climate change and the stress which this caused on the human body.
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Humans physically recognizable as similar to people alive today appeared in the same regions about 35 000 years ago (Trinkaus 1978: 124). Evidence does exist from scientists’ calculations using human genetic coding to show that the oldest known single ancestor of the people living on the earth today existed about 200 000 years ago (Gugliotta 2008:140).
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Choose one of the following
Most terrestrial mammals use four limbs for locomotive a purpose that is they are quadrepedal humans and other great apes (though circumstantially) use their limbs to locomotive purposes. Fossil evidence of hominid ancestor’s bipedalism is constructed to imply that it existed about 3.5 million years ago and among living primates, only humans are bipedal.
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They became extinct; it is not in doubt their close semblance to the early human ancestors. Experts in Hominid research refer to them as man-apes and also ape-man this is because they have features of the two groups,
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