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Anthropology - Essay Example

This theory is supported by arguments that base on environmental determinism. In essence, the theory focusses on the fact that the adoption of bipedalism by the hominids was caused by the drying up of vegetation because of adverse environmental conditions such as global warming and other forces within the atmosphere. Parts of this theory could be understood within the framework of Darwinian concept of survival for the fittest. In order to survive the harsh conditions engendered by the drying up of vegetation, it became necessary for the hominids to change from its old forms of posture to bipedalism in order to enhance mobility and maximize the utility of a new environment without forests (Strickberger 474). Scrutiny of the savanna-based theories reveals certain inconsistencies, which appear to affirm the position that the early kinds of the hominids were essentially diverse in the manner in which they mingled with the environment. There is no sufficient proof that shows the actual point of transformation between in the posture of the hominids. The fact of matter shows that some of the hominids actually showed signs of having acquired the erect posture and the bipedal movements even before their movements into the savannah kinds of existence. Another important point that has been used to lay stress on the deficiencies of the argument could be seen in the fact of the lack of evidence of hominids that lived in the forests. The common argument shows that the various aspects that attempt to

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This, says Kelley, causes stereotyping of the “underclass” as per the social scientists own definition of the term and, therefore, the reality of different cultures within that same underclass is not discussed among them. For instance, social scientists in the 60s, generalizes all black culture as ghetto culture, claiming it to be a result of the racist attitude of the society.
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The relationship between phenotype, genotype, and natural selection is essential to the knowledge of heredity and development organism. Phenotype refers to the traits that an individual has, and is determined by the genotype and the environment. Natural selection comprises of the process which results from differences in reproductive successes among unique individual phenotypes living at a given generation and eventually resulting in a biased representation of genes at the next generation.Natural selection acts on phenotypes because differential reproduction and survivorship depend on phenotype.
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Anthropologists in general look at cross-cultural differences in social institutions, cultural beliefs, and communication styles. In fact in recent years with the growing globalization, this subject has gained much more importance. Knowledge about human diversity is helpful especially in the case of global organizations.
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In short, everything related to man comes under the scope of anthropology. It is important to see the world through an anthropological lens because one can know better about one’s own past and present and can see for oneself where he/she
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heory of “Out of Africa” which presents the fact that the present human generation has mainly evolved from Africa and this evolution actually took place 100000 to 200000 years back. Answer: Anthropology is a subject which deals with the evolution of human beings and studies
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These are the people who originally lived in some region before the times of colonization or a nation’s transformation, and possess different culture, tradition and language. Several studies have been and are still being
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Alleles are inherited in the similar manner unless their nature is altered by some external forces encompassing environmental factors causing mutation, a genetic drift, meiotic cycle, gene flow or due to non-random mating. Mutation brings modification in the
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Additionally, the hunter-gatherers built villages and towns. This led to change of their environment by adoption of specialized food crop cultivation. This led to excessive food production, which in turn led to trade in surplus
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They became extinct; it is not in doubt their close semblance to the early human ancestors. Experts in Hominid research refer to them as man-apes and also ape-man this is because they have features of the two groups,
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skin color of the people in the tropics is darker compared to those in cold areas due to an adaptation to the strong sun in these regions, the amount of melanin in the skin is too high. This has resulted to the darkening of the skin in order to offer protection from the sun’s
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connect the transition of posture among the hominids must explain the manner in which hominids lost their past posture and the causal relations between the changes in the environment and the acquired conditions of posture as explained in the context of these changes. Any mismatch between the causal factors and the eventual outcome implies some significant weaknesses in the logic of the theory. It would imply that alternative forces other than the changes in the environment caused the adoption of bipedal postures for the hominids. The postural feeding hypothesis is the second hypothesis that has attempted to explain the origin of bipedal hominids. According to this hypothesis, some hominids such as chimpanzees were only bipedal during moments of eating. Kevin Hunt remains one of the well-known proponents of this hypothesis. This hypothesis provides that many of the animals that conformed to the bipedal postures attained their status out of habit (Lewin 112). The bipedal posture was therefore a product of posture and could only be achieved and retained through consistent practice. This theory is consistent with other biological theories that affirm that animals often gain or lose certain features or characters through consistent practice. The hypothesis also weaves into the common biological argument that attempts to connect changes in genetics to environmental factors. As such, it might be argued that the merits of this argument should be examined in light with all the attendant factors that connect character with formal change. The matter of convenience features prominently in the many arguments that relate to the hypothesis of postural feeding. Convenience in eating is one of the major factors that studies in fossil anatomy use in the process of determining the level of change as reflected within the element of change and balance.


Anthropology Over the times, anthropologists and other theorists have sought to explain the origin of hominid bipedalism through different theories and hypothesis that base their arguments on various aspects of nature. The Savanna-based theory and the postural feeding hypothesis are some of the widely quoted theories in connection with hominid bipedalism…
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