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What Does Postcolonial Theory Lack in Relation to Historical Anthropology According to Thomas - Research Paper Example

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The paper "What Does Postcolonial Theory Lack in Relation to Historical Anthropology According to Thomas" highlights that Thomas discussed the work of postcolonial writers such as Edward Said, Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak. He described colonialism as a project…
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What Does Postcolonial Theory Lack in Relation to Historical Anthropology According to Thomas
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Extract of sample "What Does Postcolonial Theory Lack in Relation to Historical Anthropology According to Thomas"

Download file to see previous pages Humans are divided into different races and geographical locations and thus are different from one another. During the colonial era, it was witnessed that anthropologists of developed countries or the colonizers enjoyed the privilege to do their experiments on people and this includes torture, capturing people illegally and putting them in cages and exhibition of human zoos. People from colonized territories were treated like non-humans and were not given any rights. The anthropologists in the United States did not give the right to vote to black people and Chief Justice decided their fate by saying that they are inferior to white people and thus cannot become the citizens of United States. This started a long debate and thus ended on the civil war in the 1800s.
The post colonialism theory is in particular post-modern intellectual discourse that holds together a number of theories. These theories include the texts and sub-texts of literature, political science, philosophy etc. The content of the theories describes the reactions and effects of the legacy and heritage of colonialism.
The literary theory of the postcolonialism is the theory of literature. It tells about the literature of the countries, which were once the colonies. It is mainly referred to the colonies of European countries. Britain, Spain, France and Portugal colonized different parts of the world. This also includes the countries, which are still the colonies and are under foreign rule. The theories work with the literature, written by the people who live in the colonial rules and thus a difference can be seen in the literature. The nations surviving under foreign rule think differently as compare to the independent nations. Their concerns, interests, problems and issues are quite different from the other nations1. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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