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Globalization from a Cultural Anthropology's Perspective - Essay Example

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Essay: Globalization from CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY’S Perspective The study of evolution of cultural systems has gone through numerous transitions in the past with different anthropologists. The first study in this area came on the fore-front in 19th century by two of the most important anthropological figures of that era: Lewis Henry Morgan(1877) and Edward B…
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Globalization from a Cultural Anthropologys Perspective
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Globalization from a Cultural Anthropology's Perspective

Download file to see previous pages... They came to the conclusion that all societies at their “civilization” stage must have gone through the former two stages of savagery and barbarian before making their way to “civilization”. All three stages were characterized on the basis of their shared attributes. Tyler focused more on other aspects of culture, for instance language and mythology, the arts of life and the arts of pleasure. (Hays) Globalization implies increasing influx of trade, finance, culture, people and ideas due to the advances in technology which has indirectly made modes of communication sophisticated, easier worldwide. Globalization has fast taken over today’s global economy. Not only are the world’s farthest places easily accessible but communication within seconds to and fro from different corners of the world has become a lot more easy. Today’s children and youth are far more connected and well versed with their counterpart teens from world over then a decade ago. Globalization studies have become very important point of convergence of interpretive anthropology and cultural anthropology. Terms such as “The New Economy” and globalization have become integral focus of Cultural Anthropology in modern literature of cultural anthropology. ...
For example music, movies, arts. Popular culture and globalization have attracted similar hit songs, movies, artificats, even ways of conducted business in countries sharing different cultures. This is primarily because of more and easy awareness. So much has the influence of globalization been on cultural anthropology that today branding and value creation have whole heartedly accepted their importance. Massive campaigns world over are built accordingly. William Mazzarella’s award winning work titled “Very Bombay: Contending with the Global in an Indian Advertising Agency” is a very important example. (Harris) The widespread perception of consumer culture has always been there. Many attribute to America’s wealth and the status emerging out of WWII. Corporations back then were at their peak of manufacturing capacity. They had made a lot of money by capitalizing on the military needs and requirement. As a result, living standards rose and demands for material goods with more social standing also peaked. This lifestyle has stayed for the past few generations and now in most cases we short-sighted assume that we will always live like this. A good example of culturally invasive global trend can be seen in plastic surgery rooms in Iran. During the course of Islamic Revolution, makeup stayed restricted to Persian women and their faces would be covered to Islamic culture and names. As of today, Iran has become the nose job capital of the world. Iranian women world over spend more than “1500 dollars” to achieve what they call the “perfect nose” . The influences of satellite and television have also been immense and invasive. Persian women and many South Asian countries have adopted the idea that western nose is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultural globalization is not americanization
The examples of companies that have gone local are such as the Coca-Cola and Unilever Companies. On the other hand, cultural globalization can be viewed as Americanization. This is because; the Americans have influenced the world to act and think like them.
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Holocaust Cross Cultural Perspective
The first perspective is that of Thomas Keneally, the Australian author of the book “Schindler’s List”. For Keneally, the holocaust is the “the most extreme version of rootless race hate in European history” (1). He views the holocaust as a European problem and not a Jewish one.
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Cross-Cultural Perspective - McDonald's
More than 80% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women.” (McDonald’s Official website, 2011). McDonald has operated around the globe for more than three decades with a highly successful strategy being adopted by the company’s management.
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Does globalization threaten cultural diversity
Globalization can be explained as Covering a wide range of distinct political, economic, and cultural trends and discouraging barriers. Globalization became commonplace in the last two decades, and in today’s world, barriers and distance don’t matter anymore especially because of the advancement in technology, media and internal and most of all the mode of travelling.
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Does globalization threaten cultural diversity
The term "globalization" can be traced in almost every cultural practice and as such, there are repercussions that it brings about to the cultural diversity. Dominant cultures do influence other small cultures in different countries. Due to globalization, the identity of cultural diversity as well as environments that are multicultural, are presumably lost.
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Communication in a Cultural Perspective
The situation is often not realized by people until they come in contact with others whose cultural norms are different. For example a culture which considers cows as food makes people believe it is the norm up until they come in contact with others who consider them as sacred.
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Does globalization threaten cultural diversity
Globalization does not threaten cultural diversity but enhances greater understanding and cooperation amongst people, communities and nations at large. Culture can broadly be described as values, system of people and community that is sustained through generations and provides them with distinct identity within the defined parameters of social fabric.
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Globalization and Cultural Change
In the world today globalization is essentially a synonym for global business and is personified by three organizations: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO). These organizations are at the center of a great debate over the virtues and evils of globalization.
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( chinese cultureal traditions)Discuss the importance of Silk Road (historical, economic, and/or cultural) from today's perspective of globalization vs. localization
construction of Silk Road is spread over a long period of time from 206 BC to 220 AD and was carried out by the rulers of Han Dynasty in China mainly for establishing political relationships and trade with the Central Asian kingdoms of that time. Silk Road also allowed the
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Globalization Perspective
As such, it would be advantageous to employ a manager who hails from the hardship country because they are familiar with the culture of the place. Therefore, such managers would find it easy working with the people of such a country because he or she understands the culture and language of the natives.
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