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The Effect of Globalization on Anthropology - Essay Example

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According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that in its broadest meaning, globalization is an enlargement and increased concentration of economic, political, cultural and social relations between the countries of the world…
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The Effect of Globalization on Anthropology
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Download file to see previous pages This research tells that globalization has been characterized by rapid technological developments (especially in telecommunications and the development of the Internet) that have made it less difficult for people around the world to travel, communicate and conduct business dealings on the global basis. Technology is transforming the world. The market for telecommunications has crossed the $ 1 trillion mark, highlighted by the United States’ $ 150 billion in Latin America. Spurred on by two giant pro-globalization organizations, The World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum, globalization is becoming a more and more common characteristic of world economics. The effect of Globalization on all areas scrutinized by anthropology, such as lifestyles, religion, language and every other component of culture, has been so profound that, for the very first time in world history, every person in every level of society can observe and experience the strong effect of international changes in every walk of life (such as the audio-visual impact of their media, the availability of new and exotic meals, and the revolutionary change in the wide variety of products available for purchase). Perhaps the greatest effect has been the emergence of a global labor pool that is estimated to take in nearly 2 billion workers from developing countries during the next 10 years. Every person in the world today has been touched by globalization – he or she may stand to benefit from it, or may be endangered by it. Globalization does not involve a uniform, even natured characteristic. The U.S, in its role as the “indispensable nation” in the management of world affairs, and the foremost producer of information products, is the undisputed leader of the globalization process. Some countries (the U.S and Europe) have emerged as bigger players than the others, while poor countries gain very little from it. Globalization demonstrates the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest” whereby powerful countries will survive ‘naturally’ because they are fated to survive, while weak countries are looked upon as undesirable and therefore destined to be separated because of being unable to satisfactorily perform as nation-states. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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