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The Psychological Impact of Public Service Employment - Research Paper Example

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Firefighters, police, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are public service employees that manage such occurrences. The occurrences include traumatic events that the public servants…
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The Psychological Impact of Public Service Employment
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper relies on research-based literature to contrast different types of traumatic events that firefighters, police, and EMTs. Furthermore, the paper discusses the possible psychological impact caused by the different types of traumatic events encountered by firefighters, police, and EMTs.
The government mandates firefighters, police, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to manage disasters and emergencies on behalf of the public. Disasters and emergencies involve traumatic events that derive significant effects on the public servants. Various studies assert that civil servants encounter different traumatic events. Consequently, the diverse traumatic events encountered by that firefighters, police, and EMTs derive significant psychological impact on the public servants. The firefighters, police, and emergency medical technicians carry out different duties while addressing emergencies or disasters. Fire fighters have a duty to rescue victims and respond to fire alarms in case of attacks, fire outbreaks, accidents, destruction of buildings, and natural disasters (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, 2013). Indeed, firefighters manage fires using different equipment and methods like fire extinguishers (Ben, 2004). They also offer first aid and safety education to the public using relevant techniques and equipment. In addressing any accidents and emergencies caused by fire, the government mandates professional firefighters to bear the overall responsibility on behalf of the public (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, 2013). However, it is worth noting that firefighters encounter different traumatic events while carrying out their duties.
Firefighters encounter stressing events that include a stressing working and living environment, poor management style while responding to an emergency, poor leadership, ineffective protective gear, disintegrated colleagues, and exposure to hazardous and combustible materials ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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