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When employment becomes scarce and population continues to increase,there is a tendency to change job qualifications from skill-focused to the overall qualities of the prospective employee.This includes the age, when it is not really necessary for the job description…
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Age Discrimination in the Society
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Download file to see previous pages When employment becomes scarce and population continues to increase, there is a tendency to change job qualifications from skill-focused to the overall qualities of the prospective employee. This includes the age, when it is not really necessary for the job description. The law protects the employment of the citizens aged 40 and above, and is not applicable for any "reasonable factor other than age" (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.). The law against age discrimination provides an equal employment opportunity for all Americans and helps them reach their full potential as employees with regard to their qualifications. Age discrimination hurts not only the people directly affected by it, but also in the overall effect of morality and the country’s economic thrusts. Age Discrimination and the Society Joyce Kalivas-Griffin, 57, and an experienced school teacher, believes that she failed to get a job she applied for because of her age (Linn, 2010). While she cries for age discrimination, Joyce's situation is not a solitary case in the world of employment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that there is a "33 percent increase in the number of age discrimination complaints filed during the past two fiscal years combined" (Linn, 2010). The impact of age discrimination does not only magnify the unequal treatment of aged employees despite their contribution and experience, but also reflects the superficial perspective of employers when it comes to choosing the right candidate for a job position. The law states, however, that the employer has the right to advertise age requirement only if it is necessary for the job. ...
For instance, a man in his mid-50 was laid off because of his age. He is the breadwinner of his family and the sole provider for his children concerning education, food and shelter. His wife, on the other hand, is a plain housewife. His loss of employment has an immediate effect to him and to his family in a sense that the source of income is completely gone. Consider the effect it would bring to this 50-year old man. For so long, his family has been relying on him when it comes to everyday sustenance, and when unemployment comes as a shock, it would be harder for him to recover both financially and emotionally. The feeling of worthlessness enslaves the discriminated man and consequently affects his health due to stress. The money saved within the duration of employment reserved for his retirement years would be spent. The worst thing is, the savings may not be enough to compensate and would force him to resort to debts. According to McDowell (n.d.), the struggle of the victims of age discrimination may range from economic difficulties to psychological problems. Denial is a common form of self-preservation in this kind of case. When discriminated because of age, old people tend to do everything just to look younger and prove that they are still capable of doing the task as efficiently as the younger ones. They also resort to self-pity, detrimental to their overall psychological health. Butler (1975) said that victims of age discrimination wished “they were dead” at a certain point in their senior lives. Personal effects of age discrimination affect the person in all aspects of his life. What is unseen, however, is the impact it can bring to the nation’s economy as a whole. Personal debt is one of the economic constraints of employment discrimination, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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