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Mentally ill prison populations - Essay Example

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Over the last decade there have been numerous claims from proclaimed public whistle blowers with the intent of pointing out that the Deinstitutionalization and mentally ill in prisons has had some loopholes that is believed to have caused more harm than good to the mentally…
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Mentally ill prison populations
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Download file to see previous pages However this concern has been brought to consideration and various steps have been taken to rectify the situation by the NAMI and other game players such as the federal and state governments as well as the judicial system to ensure the benefits are more rather than the damages to these mentally affected individuals. This has been done by introducing mental health service programs in prisons. Various articles; ‘Effective Prison Mental Health Services’ by Holly Hills, Christine Siegfried and Alan Ickowitz and ‘Mental Illness In America’s Jails And Prisons: Toward A Public Safety/Public Health Model’ by Dean Aufderheide have provided hope that it is possible to transform the whole scenario mostly in correctional facilities and offer long term solutions in transforming these mental health patients’ lives.
Mental health courts have been a key factor in determining and ensuring that a mentally challenged individual facing the law must be given special consideration lest get the wrong judgment that has a detrimental effect to the character and reform capability of the individual. Mental health courts have been tasked with the mandate to establish the validity of the mental health condition that one is has and give the necessary advice and the necessary correctional service. The services that are offered by these mental health courts are based on a problem-solving approach. It is vital to note that these courts offer self-treatment plans after thoroughly assessing the mental condition and offer judicial progress that will cater for the mental health needs of the person of interest (Cuppit, 2009). The mental health courts are fully provided by the law and mostly offer community based treatment programs that are bombarded with numerous progress assessment hearings that continuously keep a tab on the development analysis of the individual with the mental health. Hills, Siegfried and Ickowitz (2004) have stressed on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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