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Discuss how ther service in which you work could be optimised and/or improved to better meet the mental health needs of young pe - Essay Example

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Mental health through internet technology Maintenance of therapeutic communication is considered to be the most essential part of mental health. As a natural social entity, individuals constantly strive to express their viewpoints in social issues and verbalize their personal feelings and emotions to other people in whatever means available…
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Discuss how ther service in which you work could be optimised and/or improved to better meet the mental health needs of young pe
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Extract of sample "Discuss how ther service in which you work could be optimised and/or improved to better meet the mental health needs of young pe"

Download file to see previous pages With the advancement in information technology, web- based programs in promoting mental health are starting to penetrate the mainstream and produce cogent rationale on the necessity to upgrade the classic methods of information dissemination, counselling and psychotherapy. In this paper, the potential use of the internet technology in ensuring adequate information access to the young population in Victoria, Australia will be discussed including potential limitations of the online programs. E-mental health is a new system developed to cope with the challenges of healthcare delivery systems (Christensen & Hickie, 2010). With extended geographical distances, Australia initiated online programs to disseminate information and provide psychotherapeutic treatment as needed. Interventions may vary from counselling, individual psychotherapy, utilization of support groups, and other cognitive- behavioural therapies. In terms of projected usage, recent cross- sectional studies by Burns et al. (2010) demonstrated that young people are more likely to use internet services in search for help and assistance to most of their psychosocial problems. The easier accessibility of online programs also showed remarkable results in the participation of young people especially from rural and remote areas in Australia (Bennett et al., 2010). This suggests that internet services have extreme potentials to cover a huge part of the target population. Aside from the basic information dissemination achieved in online programs, the techniques can be enhanced through creative ways such as gaming zones that aim to maintain active participation of respondents, particularly the young men population (Burns et al., 2010). Furthermore, most online programs support the anonymity of the participants (Bennett et al., 2010). As a result, social stigma is prevented because the clients do not need to schedule a clinic visit (Burns et al., 2009). Trust and confidence of users result in a rapid increase in the number of participants. Although numerous online mental health services recently penetrated the mainstream, the uniqueness of the distinguishing characteristics of each group logically demand for a specific program (Stephens-Reicher et al., 2011). In the case of young people with disabilities, there are inconsistencies in the research data from different social scientists regarding potential limitations, enabling factors, and their rate of participation. According to Stephens-Reicher et al. (2011), people with disabilities and chronic illnesses like diabetes and low literacy status may experience challenges to access in internet technology. However, some opinion surveys support that people suffering from a disability or chronic disease actually use internet services on a regular basis, and therefore more likely to be primary consumers of online information about mental health conditions (Christensen et al., 2010). Several known impeding circumstances limit the optimum use of traditional mental health programs in Australia. Positive health- seeking behaviours of most young people are overruled by geographical distance from healthcare facility, perceived cost of consultation, and available community resources. According to Christensen and Hickie (2010), the current mental health programs of Australia continue to neglect the young people population living in remote areas. Despite a serious resource development to promote ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss How Ther Service in Which You Work Could Be Optimised and/Or Essay.
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