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Evolutionary psychology studies mental abilities in light of the evolutionary progressions that shape them. It often examines the adaptive purposes of cognitive…
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Steven Pinker
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Download file to see previous pages It gives in detail what has led to the criticism of this theory. My personal responses about the evolutionary theory of psychology are given as well as a conclusion.
Psychology is an applied and academic discipline which involves the scientific study of behavior and mental functions. Evolutionary psychology tries to understand mental abilities in light of the evolutionary progressions that shape them. It often examines the adaptive purposes of cognitive and emotional systems (Tsotsos, 1990). It involves investigation into how natural selection engineers someone to solve problems that he faces. The rationale of this theory follows from two premises. One is the existence and central significance of adaptation by natural selection while the second is the human brain, which is concerned with reasoning and calculations (Marr and Poggio, 1977; Marr, 1982). Adaptive design is a product of natural selection. Complicated human organs arise incidentally from random generic drifts or as byproducts of something else (Tsotsos, 1990). The brain too solves adaptive problems such as depth color, communicating, reasoning, recognizing, walking and many more. These are done beyond the capacity of computers and robots. The brain displays signs of complex design that leads to complex adaptations hence natural selection (Marr and Poggio, 1977; Marr, 1982).
The theory of psychology is faced by a number of challenges. The greatest challenge is the need to take in huge amounts of data. Because of the mind’s complexity, theorists who study it must develop a complex strategy for dealing with findings (Marr and Poggio, 1977; Marr, 1982). This involves identifying what to be ignored because it is insignificant and the finding to be actively sought out because they fill a gap in understanding. As far as meta-scientific questions have to do with differential values that is placed on different items of knowledge, they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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