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Pyschology - Essay Example

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Read the article and answer the following questions. Your responses should answer the questions completely and be in paragraph form as well as in complete sentences. Number the questions use examples where needed.
The author seeks to explain the mechanics of evolutionary psychology and its objectives of understanding the "design of the human mind." He defines it as " an approach to psychology, in which knowledge and principles from evolutionary biology are put to use in research on the structure of the human mind." He suggests that our minds are information processors by nature and our instincts will invariably manifest themselves within each and every action and reaction of ours…
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Extract of sample "Pyschology"

Download file to see previous pages It emphasises on the importance of evolutionary origins as reasons for our behavioural and anthropological responses. There might not even be a difference between reason and instinct as early philosophers like Aquinas and Hume set out to prove. May be just maybe the terms are interchangeable. He goes on to explain how the phenomena of linking biology with psychology revists the five basic principles of psychology.
3. " your conscious experience can mislead you into thinking that our circuitry is simpler that it really is. Most problems that you experience as easy to solve are very difficult to solve -- they require very complicated neural circuitry"
The author believes that these five principles are the " tools for thinking about psychology, which can be applied to any topic: sex and sexuality, how and why people cooperate, whether people are rational, how babies see the world, conformity, aggression, hearing, vision, sleeping, eating, hypnosis, schizophrenia and on and on." This for him this links many areas of study into one ,i.e. the study of evolutionary psychology. The author tries to bring in the views of Darwin who believed a lot in the evolutional psychology of mankind. He agrees with Darwin's views on "adaptation driven by natural selection" and "common descent". He also cites Dawkins and Williams in their support for the idea that "natural selection is the only component of the evolutionary process that can introduce complex functional organization in to a species' phenotype". He goes on to say that our "selections" for reproduction are natural and we are programmed to choose the best looking mate out there for procreation.

4. Did the author address any contrary evidence or the opinions/work of others that run counter the author(s) claims

He refers to the works of Aquinas and Hume saying that the position before the theory of Darwin came out was that there was a " a common view among philosophers and scientists that the human mind resembles a blank slate, virtually free of content until written on by the hand of experience." He quotes Aquinas as saying "there is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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