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This essay analyzes the application of psychology in marketing. The report will cover the following: what evolutionary psychology entails and its application in marketing; social role theory and its application in marketing; psychology of persuasive and purchase decision…
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Application of Psychology in Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that psychology has been considered an ideal area of study that can be applied in several social science areas. One of these areas is marketing. Perhaps, for those who would like to enhance their businesses, marketing is prioritized due to its extensive primary importance to the business. Without marketing, potential customers are not able to learn about the existence of products and services they miss, and this leads to lack of success in business. In this regard, among areas of interest in marketing is the application of psychology in this field. One of the areas of psychology applied in marketing is evolutionary psychology. This psychological perspective mainly covers consumer behavior. Evolutionary psychology also seeks to unify the fields of evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology as applied to the human condition. In essence, a large part of marketing focuses on consumer behavior. In this regard, application of psychology acts as a paradigmatic influence in explaining human behavior in terms of consumer perceptions and preferences of certain products and services. Perhaps, to be able to have a successful marketing strategy, an organization or business may opt to use the 4ps to enrich its marketing. Almost all businesses seek success. A combination of various factors is believed to contribute to this success.  Some of these factors include excellent communication systems and qualified workforce. However, in today’s business world, businesses are concerned with satisfying the customers’ needs more than with any other factors. In fact, there are more concerns about sensing, satisfying and serving the needs of customers (Egan 84). Nevertheless, this is not done without a proper planning. Many businesses are buying the idea of strategic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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