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Infant's Motor Development . Psychology 2314. Application paper - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This change can be observed in a child throughout their life span but the major development takes place between the birth and 18 years of age. The motor…
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Infants Motor Development . Psychology 2314. Application paper
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Download file to see previous pages With the due course of time, they learn to use their hands for improving their social, emotional and cognitive skills. Initially the body of the infants is simply uncontrolled and with the passage of time they learn to move their body to perform both fine and gross motor skills.
Babies generally grow tremendously at a fast rate during the first phase of life. Along with the physical growth in weight and height, they also pass through major achievement stages or phases which are considered as the developmental milestone. The developmental skills of the children can be defined as the easily identifiable activities performed by the child that includes walking, rolling over, sitting up etc. This development of the child can be classified under the three broad segments of developments such as the motor development, social or emotional development and the language development (Cowden and Carol 22).
When babies or the infants learn skills they will develop or build new skills over the old skills. The parents are required to consider their child as special since each child in unique. When the infants are born, they are equipped with various automatic and reflex actions. The reflex or the automatic activities that the babies generally perform are drinking mother’s milk and breathing freely while the other reflexes performed by the child have no real purposes. When all reflexes are performed efficiently and smoothly by a baby then that infant is considered as a normal baby by the doctors. The main or prominent reflexes of babies are head turning, sucking, grasping, rooting, stepping, tonic neck and Moro response. The sucking reflex facilitates the baby to drink milk by own self in order to nourish him or her during the first phase of its development cycle. The permanent reflex of a child is heading turning. This turning assists the child to freely move his head when something is blocking his airflow. The other important reflex is rooting which help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Infant'S Motor Development . Psychology 2314. Application Paper Admission/ Essay.
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