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Bribing: Unethical or Legal - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay seeks to investigate whether the bribing is unethical and illegal or just a cost of doing business as assumed by some companies. Additionally, the writing reveals what options do companies have to win business contracts without bribing, particularly in foreign countries…
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Bribing: Unethical or Legal
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Download file to see previous pages The clear illustration of active bribery in a legal point of view is directly or indirectly submission of gifts in the form of money or goods, etc. To take any advantage for the person or for the company in the form of favor against the bribery is defined as an illegal activity. Inactive bribery is directly or indirectly, request, excessive advantage, acceptance to give favor to an individual or a company after taking bribery in the form of a promise. In many ways, employees of different companies who are in need of business contracts, tenders, favors from the clients, offer bribery in form of money or gift. These offers are mostly made by company managers, salesmen, employees, or we can also include the top management to the potential client to get favors in return. To get the food providing services in the States of New Mexico prison system, Aramark was accused of bribery or offering gifts to the assistant warden. A bribe is a way for companies in some cases to continue their businesses when the system of Law is not completely implemented. They were determining that company employees in return of business are paid bribes. For example, firm or production plants are harassed by customs officials in the form of checking the irregularities; they might freeze the activities of the firm. The firm pays an exceeded amount to the customs officers to save itself from the interference and suffers.
In 2006, Siemens AG was under investigation by the German prosecutors. During 2006 and 2007, Siemens was in news and under (Bribery Scandal, 2009) investigation because of its bribery scandals.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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