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This paper is concerned with exploring and describing the sensory stage of human memory and presenting strategies that make able the retention of the same and successful transfer of information into long term memory.  The first part presents strategies that facilitate the…
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How to improve sensory memory
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How to Improve Sensory Memory Introduction This paper is concerned with exploring and describing the sensory stage of human memoryand presenting strategies that make able the retention of the same and successful transfer of information into long term memory.  The first part presents strategies that facilitate the retention of memory, then the second analyses successful material transfer into long term memory (Lieberman, 2012).
Strategies to facilitate retention of memory
There are various strategies that facilitate the retention of memory. One of this is the sensory register which studies the process of learning as a brain system functions. An individual’s primary contact with knowledge and information are likely to learn through receptor of sensors. The receptors are defined as sense organs that allow individuals to make contact with the environment around them (Andrade, 2008).
Attention is a prime strategy in memory retention in all humans. The ability to maintain attention for a given period of time works towards ensuring that an activity that an individual paid attention to remains part and parcel of their brain for a given period of time.
Unfortunately, people can only attend to small amounts of information at a single time. People can perform two or various tasks that are well learned. Automatic tasks like taking soda and driving a car at the same time is a good example of tasks that people can perform at the same time. People can only attend to a single task in a given period of time. This is the aspect that needs to be taken care of when it comes to improving or creating strategies of retaining memory (Bayle-Tourtoulou, 2013).
Whenever a task is complex or detailed, it requires maximum attention in order to ensure that the mechanism of handling the same is maintained by the individual in question or in that dilemma. Since human beings have limited capacity to retain knowledge or information, not much of something learnt moves or is stored in the sensory register of long term memory. By using information on numerous occasions after it has been initially learned, we solidify the connections among elements of information, make it easier to retrieve when we need to use it, and make it more likely that this information will be available to help us accept and store additional information in the future (Lieberman, 2012).
Successful transfer of material into long term memory
In order for successful transfer of knowledge and information in individuals, semantic memory plays a massive role that is significant in making the above viable. It stores facts that are picked and generalized from information that is acquired. While episodic memory stores acquired information as pictures or images, semantic memory keeps or stores information in schemata or networks. Information is mostly kept safe in semantic memory in the case where it relates or is associated with something (Andrade, 2008).
When information is retrieved from schematic memory, individuals mentally follow given paths. By making use of information on a number of occasions human beings solidify the associations from various elements of knowledge. This makes it easier for one to retrieve information whenever it is intended to be used, and ensure that it has great likelihood of its availability to aid in accepting and storing additional information for future use in the long term memory (Bayle-Tourtoulou, 2013).
Procedural memory also allows for a successful transfer of information from short to long term memory. It does refer to the ability of an individual to try out a given task and remember to do it or employ a given strategy in performing a task. The various steps and procedures are apparently stored in a number of steps in the series connection or flow or a pairing of stimulus response. The human sensory brain retrieves information in a systematic manner where one retrieving triggers or stimulates the next retrieval of information.
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