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The researcher of this essay presented his own view on alcohol that is biased in that alcohol consumption is a good business and is taken in times of joy and sadness. The author would advocate for responsible drinking. This means taking and not exceeding an individual`s alcohol limit…
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Long-term and short-term effects of alcohol
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One of the most commonly abused substances in the world, today, is alcohol. It all starts with one sip then it progresses to full blown addiction. Alcohol is easily available although the relevant authorities try to control it, people still manage to find a way around the system. Alcohol affects people differently and this is because of a few factors. They include the mental and emotional health of the drinker, the age, gender, the drinking rate and the level of tolerance towards alcohol. The individual`s history with alcohol is also an important factor in determining the rate of drinker`s addiction.
Short-term effects of alcohol are also referred to as temporary effects. These effects wear off after some time after the individual has stopped drinking. The drinking time ranges from a few hours to a few days. Short-term effects of alcohol include blackouts. These are memory lapses whereby the drinkers cannot comprehend or recall what happened while under the influence. Other factors include impaired judgments, distortion to the hearing and vision senses, drowsiness, and headaches. Vomiting, diarrhea, difficulties in breathing, slurred speech and lastly unconsciousness (Bennett, 2005). Sometimes these short-term effects lead to death due to participating in some stupid behaviors like driving while drunk.
Long-term effects occur after a long, drawn out abuse of alcohol. The time span for these effects is drinking for many years. This over abuse of alcohol usually has some serious effects or consequences and has terrible results. Some of the long-term effects of alcohol include bowel and breast cancer, sexual and reproductive health complications, cirrhosis and liver failure, nerve damage, family and social problems and brain injuries caused by poor decisions made while drunk. An individual may also cause heart and chest complications and this may lead to serious complications such as hypertension, stroke or heart attacks (Maisto, 2011). Heavy drinkers may also suffer from legal and financial problems from poor performances at the office caused by alcohol addiction. The most serious effect either long-term or short-term is death. Drunken individuals tend to make stupid decisions that ultimately might cost them their lives.
My views on alcohol are biased in that alcohol consumption is a good business and is taken in times of joy and sadness. I would advocate for responsible drinking. This means taking and not exceeding an individual`s alcohol limit. Responsible drinking is taking care of yourself by not over drinking then drive a car. I would also urge such individuals to hire a taxi or bring along a friend who does not take alcohol and make sure they reach their respective homes in one piece.
Alcohol withdrawal is a critical and severe situation that happens when an individual who has been consuming alcohol heavily for weeks or even years, drastically stops or reduces the rate of alcohol consumption. Effects from alcohol withdrawal include anxiety and may escalate to severe complications such as seizures and death. Since the body of a heavy drinker has adapted to the large quantities of alcohol, withdrawal symptoms come and worsen rapidly, and if medical attention is not sought immediately, then the results could be catastrophic. The alcohol addicts should be committed to a rehabilitation facility to overcome their urges. Rehabilitation takes time, so they should be patient and resist the temptation of consuming alcohol for it could lead to death. They need affection and counseling and engage in activities that improve on their mental and overall health. Examples of such activities include sports, yoga and reading.

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