Psychosis and delusional states and their relationship with normal anomalous experiences - Essay Example

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Psychosis can be loosely described as chaotic thinking resulting from severe disconnection from reality; psychotic episodes can be short lived, also known as micro-episodes which can last just a few hours or days and are mostly stressed related (Gelder, 2005). These are often…
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Psychosis and delusional states and their relationship with normal anomalous experiences
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Download file to see previous pages While they are fully aware of the people objects and events in the outside world, they confuse it with what is generated in their mind making it difficult for them to grasp full-fledged entities. Psychotic individuals for example those suffering from acute Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to view object as symbolic introjects which the treat as if they are functional automata and in some cases an extension of themselves(Bowden, 1993; Brundage, 1983). While light episodes of psychosis involve minor and temporal delusions, full-fledged psychotics are often incapable of reasoning on the same level as normal people and even in the face of objective evidence, they will steadfastly refuse to confront anything that disconnect form their version of the truth no matter how illogical it is.
Given that delusions are some of the primary symptoms of psychosis, it is important that an understanding of the term in its cotemporary and historical sense is established before commencing with the rest of the paper. A modern definition of delusion describes it as a belief that is held on inadequate grounds which are contradictory to the possessor’s education (Chadwick 1997; David 1990), cultural background but which they belief with and an extraordinary degree of subjective certainty (Sims, 1995; OTP, 2006). The notion that delusions are John Locke (2004) first proposed a consequence of a troubled perception (Porter, 1987). Campbell, (2001) on the other hand, proposes that delusions result from anomalous experiences and account which is supported by (Maher, 1999) who held that delusions are produced by what would conventionally be considered as normal reasoning when applied to perceptual experiences (Amador and David, 1998). Fundamentally, a delusion in the modern understating represents the most logical reaction to unfamiliar perception information, which results from an inadequacy in the individual’s sense ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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