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This paper Attitude of Entitlement in American Society talks that America has grown to be the largest economy in the world and this idea may have brought the attitude of entitlement in its society. Americans thought that they deserve the best of everything…
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Attitude of Entitlement in American Society
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that instead of alleviating the condition of those who are experiencing hardship in America, they are getting poorer. It is because doling out does not better an individual’s condition in the long run. It may give temporary relief but it also develops dependency and beneficiary mentality among the recipients so that they no longer want to work. As a result, many of our citizens are getting weaker because they depend more on our government to provide them instead of them taking care of themselves. With this kind of mentality, many Americans became destitute because they had lost the drive and initiative that once animated us to achieve and to work hard to get what we want. America managed to extricate itself and rose from the ashes of the Great Depression and two world wars not because it relied on dole outs, outside help or aid. America rose up to be the largest economy in the world and strongest military power because of its hard work, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. America is the bastion of capitalist ideal where you earn your keeps.
This paper makes a conclusion that America was never founded on a dole out mentality. Since our forebears landed in this country, they had always asserted, struggled and worked for whatever gain they had. From the revolutions we underwent from overcoming the British to eradicating slavery and discrimination, it was never given to them on a silver platter but was rather earned with blood, sweat and tears. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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