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Understanding Today's Generation - Research Paper Example

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One of the most important aspects in seeking to understand society and the means by which it exhibits change is to consider differences that emerge between generations. …
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Understanding Todays Generation
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"Understanding Today's Generation"

Download file to see previous pages Although there are a range of factors that contribute to this divergence which has been noted, it cannot and should not be ignored that one of the fundamental aspects motivating this divergence and change is with respect to several of the most dominant generations that defined the 20th century. Accordingly, it is necessary to examine and understand the Baby Boom Generation (1946 to 1964) and Generation X (1965 to 1983). As a means of realizing the unique dynamics that existed within these generations and the continued impact upon the way in which development is realized, it will further be necessary to draw a level of prediction with regards to the generation of the Millenials (1984 to 2002). Firstly, with regards to the Baby Boom Generation, one of the most prevalent differentials that exist is with relation to the role that minorities and women play within society as well as the extent to which technology pervades, and the way in which individuals communicate and identify with one another. Interestingly, the interview that was performed helped to highlight this very differential with regards to the way in which technology was seen as one of the most important differentials separating the Baby Boom Generation from that of Generation X, and the Millenials (Martacchio 395). However, what cannot be said is that from the interview that was conducted the individual respondent was of the view that either Generation X or the Millenial generation were “worse” than her own. This is an interesting concept to integrate with due to the fact that pervasive societal knowledge and impressions from the media oftentimes integrate a belief that current society is declining and far worse with respect to overall morality and ethics than the ones which it been evidence previously. However, as stated, neither the research which was performed to inform this particular essay nor the interview led credence to this particular point of view. Said the interviewee with regards to the negative role of technology within current generations and society, “People do not have real face time with each other to communicate verbal or non-verbally” (Holmes 2). In this way, the reader can see that the most important piece of information which was related was with respect to the way in which technology and technological advancement have weakened human communication within current generations. Interestingly, Generation X stands in stark contrast to many of the more rigid and conservative mores and norms that the Baby Boom generation exhibited. Ultimately, before delving too deeply into Generation X and/or seeking to understand prime motivators and reasons for behavioral actions, it must be understood that this was the first generation that grew up in an era that was not defined by the Second World War. Rather, this was a generation of political action, protests, civil rights, and the Vietnam War. In this way, the reader can and should realize the Generation X takes many of the positive features from the Baby Boom Generation as well as many of the positive features from the Millenials. This is due to the fact that, according to the research which has been read to direct this analysis, Generation X traditionally has a work ethic that is on par if not above that of the Baby Boomer generation. Yet a further interesting dynamic exists within this particular generation due to the fact that it was the first generation that was able to integrate directly with the growing technological revolution which took place (Shoch 26). Whereas the Baby Boom Generation was necessitated to create the technological revolution and seek to integrate life within it, Generation X was able to grow up in a world that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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