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Based on millennial generation - Research Paper Example

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Millennials have begun to shape their self-expressive way of judging events taking place around their community, building on their self-confidence, becoming enthusiastically open to…
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Research paper based on millennial generation
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Extract of sample "Based on millennial generation"

Download file to see previous pages Correspondingly, the objective of this research paper is to clearly understand the various perspectives of the Millennials and to determine the competencies of first-line supervisors, middle-level managers and corporate leaders, as needed to ensure employee engagement, commitment, and satisfaction within the organizations.
When studying the key perspectives of the Millennials, it can be observed that during their relatively short time period till date, they have observed, experienced and came across the major boom and downfall scenarios in the world. Being young, they have witnessed the terrorist attacks, downfall in the global economy, wars and many other aspects, which has affected the geo-political and communal weather of the modern world, largely. Such scenarios have helped the young generation to learn about the various developmental needs and the changes taking place in the United State as well as across the world (Norcott & Emerson, n.d.). However, all these perspectives have shaped the ideologies of Millenials, as quite apparently different from those of the earlier generation such as the Baby Boomers, creating awareness regarding various inequalities currently persisting in the global dimension. These perspectives have further assisted them to understand their social responsibilities and strive harder to change the world in a more uniform way.
The Millennials commonly believe that technological innovations have greatly transformed their life and have relatively revolutionized the global community. It is worth mentioning that many Millennials inherit the same values and cultures, as their forefathers, but new technology and tools have apparently increased their awareness as compared to Baby Boomers. They believe that they are not primarily focused on the issues affecting the stability and welfare of the United States, but are also concerned about the issues become affective globally. Contextually, it can be observed that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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