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Managing Diversities: The challenge to manage the three generations currently in the workforce - Essay Example

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Managing Diversities: The challenge to manage the three generations currently in the workforce Table of Contents Introduction 3 Characteristics of Baby Boomers 4 Characteristics of Generation X 5 Characteristics of Generation Y 6 Comparing the three Generations 7 Managing the three Generations: challenges and opportunities 11 Conclusion 17 Reference 19 Bibliography 20 Introduction Today’s organizations are faced with an increasingly diverse workforce with a variety of races, genders and most importantly people belonging to different generations…
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Managing Diversities: The challenge to manage the three generations currently in the workforce
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations are increasingly confronted with the issues and hurdles of managing these three generations at the workplace. The diverse perspectives, attitudes, motivations and needs of these generations have changed the dynamics of managing the workforces in organizations. Employees are often found to become adversarial due to the differences existing among them. Continuously reminding the teams about their common goals and contributions towards the business can help pulling the workforce together and overcoming generational differences. Making in-depth insight into the differences between the generations had become necessary for understanding their individual expectations and needs and sorting out any conflicts that might arise because of the same. In fact by the understanding of the motivations and general characteristics of each of the segments it is possible to leverage the talents of each segment and capitalize on the diverse workforce as well. However, managing these differences account for a major hassle before managers in organizations. ...
Characteristics of Baby Boomers Baby Boomers represent the largest group of employees belonging to the workforce. Born between 1946 and 1964, they are predominantly aged between 40 and 50 years of age and make up for more than 52% of the workforce and primarily account for the executive level and middle level management positions (Bourne, 2009, p.50). This particular generation has attracted a lot of attention since their birth. They are especially optimistic, which is probably the outcome of the prosperity of the post was economy, which gives them the belief that anything and everything is achievable. Some of the workplace attributes that they carry is the belief that long hours of work is equivalent to hard work. This generation is found to be established in their respective career domains holding high positions of power and authority. Today a large majority of the law firm leaders, senior managers, legal managers and corporate executives are found to belong to this segment. Extremely hard working, Baby boomers can be easily motivated by positions, prestige and perks. They appreciate long working hours and weeks and find immense satisfaction in defining themselves by their professional achievements and accomplishments. They can also be termed as the workaholic generation having made immense sacrifices for where they are today. They also believe in long term commitment towards the organization they are employed in (Ethics Resource Center, 2009, p.1). They are generally found to be self centred, workaholics possessing strong sense of entitlement. However, some of the positive traits are that they are highly idealistic, hard working and committed towards harmony (Ethics Resource Center, 2009, p.1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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