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Argument: beyond black and white - Essay Example

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Reflective Preface: On Self-Entitlement in College Name Instructor Class 9 September 2013 Word Count of Preface: 288 Word Count of Persuasive Paper: 1618 Preface Self-entitlement, is it a positive or negative practice among college students? This is the question that I wanted to examine in my essay…
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Argument: beyond black and white
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"Argument: beyond black and white"

Download file to see previous pages Self-assessment can have bad effects, when students develop laziness in doing their work and yet they demand high grades from their professors, and when students treat their professors rudely, in their attempt to fight for higher grades. However, self-entitlement is not that bad, if it can be used to improve a person’s self-esteem and to pursue integrity. I imagine my readers taking away a critical attitude toward self-entitlement, so that they themselves will reflect on their self-entitlement habits. Self-entitlement is not a simple issue or practice because it can be turned into something good for all stakeholders, specifically students, teachers and society. On the one hand, self-entitled students may be too narcissistic that they lose their realistic sense in assessing their actual performance. On the other hand, self-entitled students can be steered to harness their integrity. This can be done through exposing them to community service, as Hoffman and Wallach showed in their study, and training them to adopt rigorous work attitudes and practices. Self-entitlement, if connected to self-esteem, can also help students be confident in fighting for their ideas and beliefs, as long as they do it in a courteous and level-headed manner. Self-entitlement does not have to be maladaptive behavior, if it can be converted to integrity, a principle that enables students to match principles, expectations, and outcomes. Self-Entitlement: A Positive or Negative Practice among College Students? When some teachers complain about self-entitled students who bully their way to get good grades, is this the same self-entitlement that is also connected to self-esteem? Apparently, the answer to this question is yes because self-entitlement can include both constructive and maladaptive dimensions, depending on who defines it and for what purposes (Greenberger et al. 1194). This paper examines if self-entitlement is a positive or negative practice in higher education. It uses four sources, two from popular references and the rest from scholarly resources, to understand the complexity of self-entitlement. Self-entitlement has two major aspects of individual (personality) and social sources (family, culture, and society) and implications, but it can be steered to contribute to the advancement of the principle of integrity, which can, in turn, lead to integration among aspects of ambition, self-esteem, high-quality standards and outcomes, and pro-social practices. My personal experience of self-entitlement is not an entirely negative or positive one, but helped me become a more critical-minded student, writer, and speaker. One time, I was given a low grade on an essay that I felt deserved a higher grade. Before I went to my teacher, I made sure that I wrote down my points and the basis for these arguments. I also prepared samples of my work to point out that I did not miss any of the required parts of the paper. Furthermore, when I spoke with my teacher, I was polite and patient. I made sure that I listened to her too. During this conversation, I took down notes of her comments and suggestions. She allowed me to revise the paper and I got a higher grade afterwards. This experience suggests that self-entitlement does not start and end with complaints and bullying, but rather, it begins with self-assessment, goes through argumentation, and ends with a changed self- one who knows more about speaking, writing, and learning from one’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Argument: Beyond Black and White Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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