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Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice - Essay Example

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Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice Name Institution Date In education, curriculum is the set of courses and their information or content offered in learning institutions such as university or high school. Inclusive curriculum means the process of creating and designing a course or program of study to reduce barriers that learners may face in accessing the curriculum…
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Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice
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Download file to see previous pages In this manner, the course meets the needs of the learners who do not want to reveal impairment and will help them in engaging in education to their full potential. There are different aspects that can influence access to curriculum and the real design of the curriculum. In my subject areas of mathematics and edexcel, mathematics is common since it is practical while edexcel is theoretical. In order to ensure that all learners engage in the learning process curriculum fall into particular model because it is the role of the teacher to ensure that students fully understand the content before asking them questions. This is because if the students might have not understood the lesson, it may be frustrating for both the teacher and the students, when the students fail to answer the questions asked during the lesson. It is also important for the students to understand the criteria against which their work is tested. As much as students should understand the criteria of assessment, the method of looking into each other’s scripts is however contradictory. This is because exchanging of scripts might lead to discouragement of the poorly performing students. An efficient method that could be used is the training and educating of the students on the criteria used (Gillborn & Mirza, 2000). The criteria of assessment can be shown to students by letting them know in advance, the content of the assessment. This can give them time to prepare and thus help them in understanding and improving their scores. This can also be achieved by choosing effective assessment tools that are precise and that measure the actual content learned. The tools can be comprehensive and give students details of what is required from the assessment. Through such tools, teachers can practice multiple measures, which can help them have a better understanding of the students (Gould & Lahiff, 2000). For instance, when teaching functional skills mathematics within different pathways, GSE and stage 3 students could earn marks equivalent to an additional half a GSE each. Conservative curriculum ideologies In the conservative perception, the school is a replica of cultural attitudes and values. It is seen as an institution of transmitting the cultural values and norms from one generation to the other, thus maintaining and preserving the cultural heritage for future generations. In addition, the school also helps other institutions by spotting or identifying future leaders and offering the education necessary to its destiny as a leadership cluster or group. The conservative curriculum aids to transmit the societal culture to all people and offer relevant education to the different groups in society. It incorporates the accepted general skills such as writing, arithmetic and reading found in learning institutions (Middlewood & Burton, 2005). Additionally, loyalty to the societal membership is established by the application of literature to demonstrate important cultural themes. For conservatives, history needs to be incorporated in the curriculum because it offers perspective into the evolution of the culture and its values or norms. Music and fine arts are also applied to expose learners to the cultural values. Prescribed and defined cultural norms and values are utilized to influence and shape character or behavior to follow the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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