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Buddhas Contention - Essay Example

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The following paper under the title 'Buddha’s Contention' gives detailed information about life which is about suffering and that suffering is largely created from desire. Naturally, humans have a natural insatiable craving for material things and other accomplishments…
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Buddhas Contention
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Extract of sample "Buddhas Contention"

This reality manifests itself in the American social context with regard to the high element of materialism. Various marketing campaigns target the consumptive nature of the American public with various goods and services, which are billed as the most fashionable, trendy, and the most advanced. The desire to live within the context of the American dream of limitless success often makes people to seek the attainment of these goals.
Many times, the American people undergo tremendous painful experiences in their desire to achieve or obtain the goods and services that are marketed in various media outlets. According to Buddha, humans ought to control their desire and cravings for things in order to achieve higher levels of spiritualism. The pain that Buddha describes is usually understood within the context of greed (Eckel 92). It is brought out as a consequence of human greed and other failings that have to be moderated through the attainment of higher levels of consciousness. The argument presented in this philosophy could further be explained in terms of the natural weakness of humans to overcome their appetites. The capacity to overcome the appetite for material things and higher services should, therefore, mark the apex of humanity. Read More
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Buddhas Contention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 304 Words.
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