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Examine how nirvana might be said to be the goal of Buddhist mysticism - Essay Example

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In Buddhism, this term means a higher status of being. However, although nirvana is used in both Buddhism and Hinduism, the two religions view it in a completely different way. However, nirvana is highly associated…
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Examine how nirvana might be said to be the goal of Buddhist mysticism
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"Examine how nirvana might be said to be the goal of Buddhist mysticism"

Download file to see previous pages It is mainly an enlightenment state, meaning that an individual who gets what he or she desires with no suffering. As scholars of religion would have it, Buddhism may not merely be a pact of religious doctrines, but also is seen as a pact expounding on the best of life. In this pact, it is seen as a whole civilization concerning its historical background in tandem with its literature, philosophy, and the art. The religion of Buddhism explores all the facets of human life3. To understand humanity, and the aspects of his socialization, his ethics, his intellectual, his spiritual and economic status as well as mental development, Buddhism religion seem to provide a promising state.
The ultimate result of Buddhism leads to an enlightenment of the being and this is the core in experiencing the state of nirvana. The goal of Buddhism is the aspect and practice of nirvana. Everyone who understands Buddhism well, he, or she can agree that nirvana is one of the goals of the religion. According to how Buddha preached about nirvana in India, the human being comes to life from nowhere. This is due to a combination of elements and things. Human beings have no creator and most of Buddhism followers believe that. They believe that human beings just fall from nowhere to earth through a mysterious process and they find themselves in phenomenal universe that is full of inanimate and animate objects. Therefore, personality, beingness, and existence all manifest from an emptiness (sunya) state or nothingness or non-existence through an aggregation process. In its simplest terms, nirvana is the state of perfect peace and happiness that a follower of the religion actualizes as the long-term goal. Nothing is above its experience. This noble realization of nirvana, makes the religion seem practical. As a result, many would agree that the Buddhism religion is more likely alive in understanding the complex nature of humanity. It helps humanity become more deeply ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Examine How Nirvana Might Be Said to Be the Goal of Buddhist Mysticism Essay.
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