Are Older People more Statiscally Prejudice than Younger People - Research Paper Example

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Two often cited areas in the debate about prejudice were explored – Prejudice against persons of homosexual orientations and prejudice against persons of African origin…
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Are Older People more Statiscally Prejudice than Younger People
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Download file to see previous pages The implications of the findings are discussed with reference to previous research as well as different theoretical frameworks.
Prejudice is a negative stereotype held against a person simply as a result of the individual’s group membership (Baron & Byrne, 2000). The Merriam – Webster online dictionary (2011) has defined prejudice as an “injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of ones rights”. According to this definition, damage as well as disregard occurs as a result of judgment that is passed by a person practicing prejudice. These (usually) unjust judgments stem from stereotypes held by the person experiencing prejudice (Sanderson, 2010) and the disregard and damage are a result of the discrimination that results from these stereotypes (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2000). Stereotypes or cognitive shortcuts are used by people use in order categorize individuals into groups on the basis of a few characteristics rather than on the basis of their unique personalities (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2000). Stereotypes are not always negative; but if an individual holds a negative stereotype and uses it without attempting to evaluate its validity; the resultant behavior may be prejudiced (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2000). Moghaddam (in Schneider, Gruman & Coutts, 2005) had defined prejudice as ‘an attitude based solely on group membership’. Baron and Byrne (2000) have described social categorization, which can also help to explain prejudice. According to them, people tend to categorize information about other persons based on similarities shared with them. Those who are similar are categorized as belonging to the ‘in-group’, members of which are favored (Tajfel, 1969); while dissimilar others become part of an ‘out group’ (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2000). Favoring an in-group member increases feelings of wellbeing and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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