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Social Psychology Final project - Research Paper Example

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First, there is the examination of how influences in society at large helps to form how people view themselves within that society. In this case, the pervasive images of what is normal or desirable in the media are…
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Social Psychology Final project
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Download file to see previous pages Watching television alone in a dark room may seem like an activity that would cut a person off from society. But the incessant media images, both conscious and subconscious, that arrive via various media outlets actually is connecting us to society at large in a real, yet imagined way. Understanding how this affects an individual’s thought, feelings and actions is an important question for social psychologists to explore. Knowing how images portrayed in media concerning consumption, weight and physical beauty affect the individual is important. A final way this study would relate to social psychology is discovering how the imagined presence of others, in this case through the various forms of media, affects individuals within the society. Not all-sociological interaction need be person to person. Understanding the media’s role in how we develop our sense of self is something social psychologists are very interested in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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